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Some good vibes couldn't hurt....

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I'm a bit nervous about all this. I'm applying for my first car loan from the bank today. A co-worker is selling his car, and it seems like a really, really good deal. They are holding the car for me, and I have a co-signer set up in case I don't qualify, but I really want to do this on my own! As some of you may remember, I have had some credit issues (bankruptcy almost 3 years ago) which is why I'm worried.

So, if anyone can spare a good thought or two for me, I would really appreciate it. We've been sharing a car for probably 6-9 months now, and it's a real pain and going to get worse as hubby's schedule gets fuller. And I really want to work on getting my credit back on track and this is the best way to do it....

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Sending powerful ~~~"get approved for the loan"~~~ vibes your way!
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Heidi sending you some ((((loan vibes)))). I know my ex boyfriend was in the same situation and i had to get his mobile phone contract in my name.
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Sending lots of happy loan vibes to you Heidi! Hope it works out for you!
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Heidi, sending all the good luck vibes I have...
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Sending you TONS of good luck vibes!
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I am sure it will go swimmingly! I am so excited for you to finally get good transportation! It will make a world of difference to you I know- Good luck!
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Sending lots of vrooom vroom vibes for Ya Heidi !!
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You can do it Heidi! ***good vibes***
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I know how difficult it can be when you have to share a car. Many good vibes going out your way!

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Lotsa good vibes, Heidi! Hope everything goes without a hitch and you have your wheels soon -- not to mention your chance at credit repair -- no small thing!
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Lots of luck your way Heidi!!!!

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Sending you mega vibes Heidi!!!!!

Have you heard if you got it yet?
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Man, this waiting is the WORST!! Nope, I haven't heard anything, she said it would probably be tomorrow anyway. Since I have the credit issues, she said she would definitely have to re-submit with some explanations and such. And the worst thing is, if I'm turned down on my own because of the credit issues, having a co-signer won't help at all. So basically, if I'm turned down I don't get the car period. Of course, Earl says "It will be fine, you'll get it" but he really doesn't get it. He also thinks we can get a home loan with him having terrible recent credit and no reportable income.

Thanks for the vibes everyone, I really hope they work!! I need all the help I can get!
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I'm sure you will get the car. Ive read people with bankruptcy qualify 6 months after they are dishchared. I've even read where they have gotten one 1 month after being discharged.
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Sending lots of good vibes your way Heidi.
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Sending "Get the loan" vibes to you.
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