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Update! Preemie Kittens.

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Timmy and Tiny are now 3 weeks old. I have to adjust their age to 2 weeks as they were a week premature. Sorry for the poor quality of the pics - I think the camera is dying. I've been saving up for months and I'll be getting a Canon A70 in the next couple of weeks. The pics will be much, much better!


Timmy and Tiny

Gimme my bottle!

Tiny so sleepy...

Wait! Is that my bottle over there?

Synchronised turning.

C'mon, put me down!

We're outta here!!!

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They are totally adorable!
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Oh they are so adorable! And they appear to be doing very, very well under your watchful eye. Keep up the good work- and remember- there is no such thing as too many kitten pictures
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Good on you Tania, that they are still here! Speaks well for the type of kitty mom you are. Is one of them a sort of calico? Hard to see in the pictures provided. But kudos! You are doing well with them!
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Thanks guys! Yes, Tiny is a tortoiseshell and white and Timmy is a grey and white.

An update on how they are doing is in this thread.
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Tanya they are just beautiful!!! What a fantastic kitty mommy you are! Thanks for the update, it just made my whole day!
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Awwww Tania, they are just so sweet!
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Hugs and loves and kisses for all your hard work. You are just wonderful.
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OMG how precious - love those little spiked tails and they both seem to already have a lot of character and personality!!!!
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That picture you titled "Give Me My Bottle" is too much! You really have to submit that to Caption This!

What a wonderful, incredible kitty mom you are! You have done a FABULOUS job and any kitty that crosses your path is one lucky furr-baby!

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Adorable little crawlers!
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What little darlings! Sweeter than possible!! Congrats to you on this success -- these little critters are obviously getting all the help they need to overcome their shaky start in life.
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Synchronised turning.

I love this one. THey are so adorable.
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Tania, they look so great. You are an absolute angel to these babies.. Love the pics. Can't wait until you get the new camera!!

Thanks for sharing..
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Look at those little !! I am so jellies of You Tania!!
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Ahhhhhhhhhh. They are do adorable.
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Those babies are just beautiful! The black and white one looks a lot like my new babies (10 days old)! Congratulations!
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