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Anyone else here knit? I've recently taken it up, but my kitties seem to think that the yarn is a big toy for them. I was trying to do a stitch and noticed something pulling at the yarn. I looked down and Lucy was trying to eat it. The funny thing is I'm knitting a doily for the kitties since they don't really care for the feel of the leather sofa on their tummies.

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I don't knit, but I crochet. It's funny how the cats come out along with the yarn. Only Faile tries to eat the yarn, though.
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I knit as well. But Spike is really well behaved, and 99% of the time, he doesn't bother the yarn I'm using at all. He does try to sit on the blanket being knitted though.
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I do tapestry, well at least I TRY and do tapestry. Whenever I bring it out, four little helpers come running and can't wait to steal my wool. I've tried going into a room and closing the door but Coco and Vegemite head-bonk the door until I let them in! Maybe I'll go sit on the roof.
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I generally crochet, but Shorty still likes to eat the yarn. And if you don't put it away, she'll sit there and eat it. I wonder why. It's not like it can taste that great. Oh well. Cats are wierd little creatures aren't they!? lol
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I know how to knit, but since babygirl was a kitten i haven't she tends to distroy the string like it's her worse enmy lol
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