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Looking for a job.

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Ok, it's been a nice year's vacation, but the savings are running out (darn eBay) and I need to get a job. I want to do something with animals, and eventually hope to get a job as a humane enforcement officer (animal cop), but in the meantime I have to find a way to pay for academy training. In the meantime both Petco and Petsmart are hiring. Incidentally they are one block apart. I would like to hear from you guys any experiences or scuttlebut (gossip) you have heard about these chains, good and bad. Especially stuff about animal testing, humane legislation, contributions to shelters, etc.


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If you remember Petco had that problem with leaving animals in warehouses to die - won't shop there!!
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Here's the web sites to Petsmart and Petco charity organizations. Both currently do a lot to help the welfare of animals. Neither "sell" animals, but allow local rescue groups in for adoption clinics. I had not heard the story on Petco.



Not sure if their charitable contributions would sway you one way of the other.
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