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Thank You Very Muchly!

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Hi everyone!

Well instead of sending out e-mails and PM's I thought a public thank you would be more appropriate.

I checked the mail today and lo and behold I had a parcel to collect. What the parcel contained was "Kitten for Dummies" by Dusty Rainbolt which was the prize for the TCS Contest in February.

Thank you to Dusty Rainbolt for the Bottle Babies forum, without it, the contest wouldn't have been possible.

Thank you to Mary Anne for filling in the paperwork and getting the book shipped to me. Menchi, the kitten, has claimed the box as his and he says thank you and a head butt.

Thank you to everyone who entered. It was great playing.
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Mags now when I need a kitten answer I know who I'll be asking.. No seriosely it sounds like a great book congrats and have fun.. So you're definitly calling him Menchi?

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I am glad it got there Mags! Enjoy it, there is so much information packed in those pages. The cute color pictures in the center? Those were shot by Weems, Dusty's talented hubby. Those are some of their cats they fostered over the years-
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Congratulations Mags! Hope you get a lot of enjoyment and knowledge from your prize.
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Yes, Sam, we are calling him Menchi. Apparently Frankie is too normal a name for a cat. This is coming from my fiancee. And I named Russell without his consultation so he gets to name Menchi. But we won't mention that Russell was my 21st birthday present from his parents.

The photos are adorable! I love the one of the little kitten in the food bowl!

Menchi's growing so fast. His neuter operation is due in three weeks! And it seems like yesterday that he was using me as a bouncing castle.
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Menchi indeed is very unique, I like it.

Glad he's doing OK and good luck for the big-op!
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Mags, I had the very same book arrive on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago. I ordered it from Amazon.com as, even with the postage, it was much cheaper than buying in Australia. It's such a great book! Have fun reading it mate.
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I'm having more fun redirecting my fiancee to it everytime he has a question stating "Why is Menchi....?" or a statement of "Do you realise Menchi is....?" or "Why are they doing...?" or "Do you realise what Russell/Esper/Menchi is/are....?"

It might say Kittens for Dummies but I'm finding the advice and information can be applied to cats as well. And the information for selecting a purebred or pedigree kitten is a godsend. I was thinking of searching and printing the advice from TCS and consolidating it by the time I got round to getting an Ocicat. I don't know why but I just have a thing for that breed. Must be the spots.
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