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Little Cat, Big Dog

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We finally made copies of some pictures we gave away years ago to a Greyhound rescue group. This is a series of 3 pictures of my Bogart when he was about 8 weeks old, with Doug, our 95 pound Greyhound. Bogart turns 13 next Saturday, so these pictures are pretty old.

Picture one: Bogart eyes Doug's food. Doug eyes him back.
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Picture 2: The smell of food overpowers Bogart and he has to put his nose in to see what this is all about. Doug is actually a bit afraid of the "lack of" size with Bogart.
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Picture 3: Bogart decides that he really likes dog food. Doug decides to move over a bit and share his bowl with him.

What's funny (or not, depending on how you look at it) is that Bogart also one day ended up in Doug's mouth. Doug was sleeping on the living room floor when Bogart walked past a little too close to the "dangerous end" of Doug and startled him. He instinctively snapped, grabbed Bogart, and then realized what he was doing and let him go without hurting him (even licked him to say he was sorry). Scared the bejesus out of the poor Bogart though. After that, Bogart always went around the back end of Doug when he was sleeping. But they still shared the food bowl. :-)

I guess that's what they mean by "let sleeping dogs lie."
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Look at these little angels! Don't ya just want to squeeze them?
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Aww that is so cute, my kitties love stealing the dogs food, but then, when the dogs try and eat the cats food, they get in trouble. They just don't understamd why! (kitties take 2-3 pieces, dogs take the whole bowl!)
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Ever so sweet!! I also love the mental picture you conjure of the cat in the dog's mouth and the apology!
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loved those pics... loved the story too... that was so sweet...
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Those pics are wonderful! And the dog even more so, my dogs won't let kitties anywhere near their food.
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awwwww......great caption contest photos


whoever came up with the saying 'fight like cats and dogs' is full of kitty litter. Should be 'fights like two cats in one kitty carrier' (voice of experience)
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Awwwwwwww bless Bogart, he's nearly falling in to the bowl!
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That is so cute!!!! LITTLE MAN,BIG MAN.....NICE PHOTOS...
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AAAwwww how cute
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Very cute! Bella lets Pepper eat some of her food if he is so inclined, and Pepper drinks often out of Bella's waterdish, but then again Pepper rules the roost (minus the rabbits since he is afraid of them ) so I wouldn't expect Bella to mess with the little guy lol!
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Here's an old pic of them, but yours are so much cuter since the furrball was soooo tiny!!

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Oh how cute is that series of pictures!

Loved them

Sunni Jean, I can't see yours ??
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Those Pictures are So Cute!
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