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It was a success!

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I had my mom's bridal/lingerie shower yesterday! It was a success! She very much appreciated it! Here is a pic of me in the background and her opening one her gifts. To see the other pics: www.candiceandzack.com Click on the camera, then click on "Party" And it is under "Susan's Wedding Shower"
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Lovely! I'm glad everything went well and your mom was happy!
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Nice pics and glad she enjoyed it.
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That must've been so much fun. Hey, is that a Victoria's Secret box? Haha!
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Loved the pictures, and the lingerie!!! .

Hope their day goes really well for them.
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Thanks guys! It took a lot of planning...I have a great picture of my mom and I that Zack didn't put on the website yet...so as soon as he does, I will show!

Rascal--Yeah! It is a Victoria Secret box! My best friend got her a nightie from there, and I got her the matching kimono.

In the pic where she is hugging my great aunt...it was very touching because when my mom opened her card from my great aunt (her aunt) she started crying because she is so much like my grandmother (her sister)...it was a wonderful day, but we all missed Granny...

2 more weeks from today! Las Vegas here we come! She has her wedding dress, and I think I may have found one! But, I have to ask my mother about it since I AM in the wedding...
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