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there will be more Siamese babies

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I will be getting mommy fixed when the babies are weaned. A couple of people (here) keep telling me I should not breed her because she is not papered. and other reasons.she wasn't supposed to have this litter,but as all of you know with me not working and Ted only making so little. And raising my 5 grandchildern and not getting any money from him or welfare. I am going to go back to work march 22. So injoy any pictures I have allready posted. And any I might post intill they are gone.
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I think that is wonderful and the right thing to do.
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Aww, and I loved watching them grow up through pictures. Oh well, I guess it is the right thing to do, still so sad!
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Well it was sad considering that you aren't registered. Good on you Sherral.
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That's too bad... as long as you weren't lying tho the purchasers about the cats and all the kittens were purchased to good homes... I don't see the problem.

Buut, I guess less kittens in the world is ultimately the best thing.

Don't do this because people here are pressuring you. Do it because you know it is the best thing for you and your cats.

Good luck to you and all your loved ones in this trying time.
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No I never lied to anyone ,everyone who got one knew it was not registered,So if I get a pair registered I can breed her everytime she came into heat? .Where I live there are no Siamese breeders(registered or not.)Which is why I can sell them so fast,I had 5 kittens last time keep 2 and had 150 phone calls for the other 2 one passed away.I haven't even put this bunch and have 2 sold,And by the way I only get $50.00 for them I AM NOT GETTING RICH HERE,in fact I pay out more than I make.
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I wouldn't think breeding ANY cat every time it came into heat would be a good idea. If things are financially rough, it may put you in a tough spot should one of the moms or an entire litter have to be rushed to an emergency vet during a birth.

I think spaying your girls would be a really, really good idea but I'm against breeding anyways, so you don't have to listen to me
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Sherral, I commend you for making this difficult decision. I could be wrong, but it seems like your queen has had quite a few litters, and I have to think it is getting difficult on her body. I hope you are doing this for the love of your cat, because it will elongate her life. She's been a very good mother, and she deserves some rest.
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Sherral, am sorry for you to have to make this decision based others opinions. Now I know that not everyone on this forum is against breeding, but I respect those that are, and I know all to well the financial bind that emergancy c-sections can cause, even with papered, registered cats. But, I just feel the need to put in my two cents worth and tell you guys how I feel about it! I guess its just my feelings that these are Sherral's cats, not mine or anyone elses, and if its her choice to breed, its not our place to tell her she cant, just because she doesn't have papers. Sam, I love you to peices, but you know as well as I do that "papers" don't make the cat, I have seen a lot of registered purebreds from big name catteries that had lousy disposions, health problems and the like. Yes, my kitties are registered, but for a very long time, my Yum-yum wasn't, because of a conflict between me and CatFanciers, and we still bred and raised kittens from her to sell as pets. IMO, its nice to be able to buy pet-quality purebreds (if you want them) at a lower price than lots of breeders want for the same darn cat, just because of the papers they carry. Now, I have talked to Sam, and I know that she and her family are not guilty of this, but here in the U. S. , if you want a purebred kitty, you are going to pay out the nose for him or her, and face it, we all have our preferences as far as the kitties we own, whether they be purebred Siamese or Persians, or even just the colors that we like, tuxedos, oranges, tabbys, etc.
Sorry this turned out long, I think my two cents just multiplied into a dollar !
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Personally, I think all of your kittens have been just beautiful and I'm glad you were there to provide people with less expensive Siamese kittens. I know a lot of people believe anyone should breed kittens when there are so many unwanted kittens who need homes. I don't know if I agree 100 percent with that thinking. Only because, someone like myself would probably go without a cat, if I couldn't get the breed of cat I like. I've seem some lovely mixed breeds on this site, but I myself love the look and personality of Siamese cats. I think it's been wonderful of you to provide people who otherwise couldn't afford a purebred cat, with beautiful Siamese kittens.

However, I do agree with Heidi, that your mother cat, has had a lot of babies, and her poor body probably does need a rest, and she probably does deserve to retire for her health and longevity, and she can become a Princess of Leisure.
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Sounds like you're doing what is best all the way around for yourself and your queen! Congrats to mama cat on her retirement!

I agree with Hope regarding responsible breeding. I'm glad there are breeders who raise wonderful kittens under foot for those of us who prefer particular breeds. I'd hate to see a beautiful breed fade away because no one was breeding any longer. So... you've made it possible for many families to have the unconditional love and happiness of having a pet. There's nothing wrong with that.

I work with a girl who when she found out I had pure bred persians, chastized me for that. She claims to volunteer for the humane society and be very against breeding. She was very pissed at me even though I told her that several of my cats were rescues and one of them that did come from a cattery is a sick kitty that wasn't doing well at the cattery. Do they not deserve to be rescued or cared for just because they are pure bred?? Yet she told me last week that she needed to have her new kitten declawed! She said, "yeah, yeah I know it's bad and all that stuff but this cat keeps scratching me." For crying out loud, the kitten is only 4 months old!! What does she expect?? OMG did I flip! She got an earful from me. And even though she claims to volunteer for the humane society she didn't know that if you adopt from them it is in your agreement NOT to have a cat declawed and was very surprised when I told her that. SHeesh!

Ok... I got off topic a bit. Sorry!
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wow mzjazz2u good for you! I would love to have been there to see her reaction. Interesting how some people claim to know everything and freak out on you, but when it comes to them they think the rules should bend a bit. good for you.
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Thanks Tamme. Normally I just try to educate. But she obviously knows better and was just doing it anyway. She knows it's amputation and that it's cruel. But all she cares about is the one little scratch she showed me on her hand. OMG I get them all over my hands and up and down my arms when I groom Hallie! Just deal with it! <sigh>
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White cloud has 3 litters in 4 years. Yes she need fixed. But I will get another female to breed someday. papered or not.
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The reason purebreds need papers is not for the show-off factor. Whenever you breed purebreds, you are by definition playing within a small gene pool. You need to know what you're doing, otherwise you are risking genetic defects. True, genetic defects can and do occur with mixed-breeds, but with purebreds the chances are much higher. That is why breeders need to know which bloodlines they are working with. It's not just for "perfecting" the breed, it's to avoid genetic problems. Even when kittens appear to be perfectly healthy, they could still carry genetically inhereted illnesses or even unwanted behavioral tendencies.

With papers, a breeder can tell the bloodlines several generations back and use that information to try and weed out the genetic probles. This is not to say that all breeders know how to do that or actually do that! Papers are no guarantee for good breeding! A cat can have papers and still be the product of bad breeding. But without any papers, it's just too much of as risk IMO.

Sherral, like all of us, I really enjoyed seeing pictures of your kittens! Yet, I'm glad that you are neutering your cats - regardless of whether they are papered or not, no cat should be over-bred. I hope you can create a professional and reputable Siamese cattery in the future for the benefit of the residents of your area! Best of luck from me!
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Originally posted by KittenKrazy
I guess its just my feelings that these are Sherral's cats, not mine or anyone elses, and if its her choice to breed, its not our place to tell her she cant, just because she doesn't have papers. Cindy

I have to disagree with this statement. Of course, the cats are Sherrals, and none of us have any right to demand anything of her. But TCS is a cat welfare board that is here primarily for education purposes. It is our duty ( 'our' meaning our members, mods, and owner ) to make sure that we encourage spaying/neutering, to encourage cats health and welfare, and to discourage breeding when it involves an unlicensed cattery with unpapered cats. We do have many responsible breeders here, most of whom tend to post in the breeders corner, and I think that they also find a wealth of information there. Two of our mods, Ken and Sandie, are very established breeders and have taught so many of our members so much.

But for others who perhaps aren't as educated about breeding or perhaps just need some guidance, it is our duty to promote the spay/neuter policy, and to educate about the overpopulation of kittens so that they can make an informed decision on whether or not to continue breeding.
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Originally posted by dtolle
But TCS is a cat welfare board that is here primarily for education purposes. It is our duty ( 'our' meaning our members, mods, and owner ) to make sure that we encourage spaying/neutering, to encourage cats health and welfare, and to discourage breeding when it involves an unlicensed cattery with unpapered cats.
Yes, I realise that, and am all for it,BUT I get the distinct feeling that more than "education" and "encouragement" have been going on here. I just didn't feel that it was right to "force" our opinions on someone, it should be done with love and concern both for our members and for our kitty families too, not just make them feel badgered into doing something, just because it is the "right" thing to do.
BTW, I am a retired breeder myself, so I do know something about that too, so please tell me you're calling me an "irrisponsible breeder" myself?
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I did not use the words 'irresponsible breeder' anywhere in my post, nor did I imply that. What I did say was that we do not promote breeding here unless its a licensed cattery with a reputable breeding program, with papered cats. Please go back and read what I wrote in case you misunderstood my intent.

Please don't make this into something its not. Its my duty as a mod here to make sure that the morals and values of this site are upheld. And I would not be doing my job ( or any of us mods ) if we didn't post to this thread that Sherrals cat should be spayed now after her litters. We are here to educate. And we like to practice what we preach, and share our experiences with others. Hissy is a wealth of information, and I believe everyone can learn a thing or two from her!

This should put this subject to rest now I trust.
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Hee, hee, just couldn't resist a little virtual "leg pulling" there! I think you and the rest of our mods do a wonderful job here, if I didn't I'd just disappear off the face of the board and not come back. Just keep up the good work!
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