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Hi! I just read a thread about taming a feral, featuring Sandi's Cat Lucky! and I went through the same things with my cat Alix and I thought that I should comment. Anyway, Im a graduate student in Minnesota and I have two cats, and a fish. I also foster cats for my local Humane society. My big guy, Oliver (0llie) is the ultimate lap sitter! As soon as a person is on the couch, he gets this look in his eyes, and three seconds later, he's in your lap. He is also partial to men. My little cat, Alix, came to me as a foster cat. She was about nine months old, and so scared! When she first came, I never ever saw her. I called her "Bat" because she would come out at night to play with Ollie. Then she was "Mouse" because She would come out during the day, but have nothing to do with me. I would spend hours in the bedroom, lying on my back, next to the bed, reading a book a book to her. Now, she follows me everywhere, and loves to be held! The fish is named Blue, he lives in a fishbowl, and Alix and China(the foster cat), spend hours a day trying to figure out how to get past the top of the water to get at him.
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Hi there

Welcome to TCS!!!! Nice to hear a bit about your kitties. Alix sounds like a real sweetie. And full marks for being a dedicated cat lover and taking in foster cats. That is such a great thing to do; thanks!!!
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Ollie and Alix sound like an awesome pair.China sure looks like she is enjoying her foster home! I think Blue may not like being the star of a cat TV!
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Hi and welcome to the site.

Rosie has a thing for men also. She climbs on my next door neighbours shoulders and lays down on them!
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Hi and welcome to TCS
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Welcome to the site! Always love hearing about a successful socialization of a feral. Alix sounds like a real sweetie. Of course, so does Ollie. Gotta love lap kitties! And how wonderful of you to foster for the Humane Society, especially the hard to handle cats like Alix was.
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Hi and welcome to TCS to you and your family, foster kitties included.

Thanks for taking in the kitties and being a foster parent.
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Welcome to TCS!!

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Wow! Welcome to TCS! It's always nice to meet people who are so dedicated to the welfare of animals. Thanks for fostering.

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to TCS .....enjoy your stay.....
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Welcome to TCS
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To TCS . Your baby's sound wonderful to me and how sweet of you to foster .Thank you for caring so much about animals .
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