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Eat your hearts out!

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After two weeks of cold, wet, nasty weather, winter has finally blown out of here. Today was nice and sunny, with a high of 87. There is still snow, in the mountains but, judging from the Rillito River, its melting quickly.

We opened the front and back doors and the cats had a fine time, hanging out and checking all of the neat smells, from outside.

Bill got some yardwork done and I took the flannel sheets off of the bed (I got WAY more help, than I needed, putting the fresh ones on).

It will be SO nice, not having to start my day, with a handful of ibuprofen.
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I'm soooooooooo jealous! It was a balmy 43 degrees here with high winds! I am freezing as I type!
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Glad you got a nice day Cindy and Barb sorry you're weather is not improving.

Well I can safely say today was the thrid day in a row we have had lovely sunny weather, maybe it's summer after all??(We're in autumn now but shh )

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Yay, Cindy.... now I cant wait for the 100+ degree weather .
It was nice out though. I ended up turning on the a/c for a few minutes.
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I'm sick of where is the
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Today (7 March) was 78 degrees, with such a nice breeze. I let the kitties play out in the backyard, while I sat on the beach mat soaking up the sun. Hehe! I can't wait to go to the beach.
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hee hee, I live in Southern California, and all I can say is that it's warm enough for tank tops and miniskirts

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It's still cold here in the UK, but the sun is shining more so were nearly there!
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We had been having absolutely gorgeous weather for about a week. Temps running about 10-15* higher than normal. Yesterday it reached 70 in Central Park! Today, its 10* lower than normal and we have snow. So grateful I hadn't pulled the extra cover off the bed! Or put away the snowshovel!

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Monterey has been heaven on earth the past few days. This weekend and today are literally perfect as far as weather can go in my opinion. All I want to do is bring out the flipflops, get in my garden, read a book outside in the sun, and fire up the bbq!!! Luckily for me it will stay this way till November or so.
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