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Our D.T. for Wednesday

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Happy Humpday!

I'm finally starting to feel rested. It takes me this long in the week to stop feeling tired, after Mondays and Tuesdays.

My boyfriend & I are trying to decide what to do on our upcoming vacation. I think we may check out Williamsburg, Virginia. We can drive (& save $$$ not having to buy airline tickets)and it's so rich with history. I really want to stay at a bed & breakfast. If anyone on this board has ever been, please let me know what you thought.

Things are pretty quiet on my end. I really need to clean the house (Sandie, I really wish I could hire you to come give my house a scrubbing! I'd pay big bucks!) but will probably put that off until the weekend.

Deb25, I forgot to ask you, did you see Seinfeld yesterday? It was the one were Elaine starts hanging out with Susan, and George is scared his worlds are going to 'collide' and Kramer does the moviephone thing. Hilarious. Tonight is the 'spongeworthy' episode. Another great one.

bye everyone!

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Most of the major fires are now almost contained! The biggest one is 65% contained. Yesterday was bad with the smoke and ash, though the kittens were funny as they tried to play tag with all the ashes floating down from the sky. Guess they thought they were unique bugs or something. It is going to be a lazy day today for me.
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Happy Humpday Everybody!

Thanks for a good laugh in the lounge. I really needed it.

Last night I helped a woman out. I had never met her before, yet she called the newspaper I worked for and spoke with my friend on the swtichboard, who happened to also be an animal lover. She immediately called me at home. It seems that this woman's cat was being held hostage by a veterinary hospital because she couldn't pay her whole bill ($800)at once (she offer them her mother's antique diamond ring and they refused) She also offered to make payments on her bill (after already coming up with $400 on her own.

Her cat was attacked with a baseball bat by some kid in her neighborhood (Ozzy was 20 years old) as he lay in his human's driveway minding his own business, simply sunning himself. The cops didn't want to get involved. (I'm trying to find out the name and badge number of the a$$hole so she can file a formal complaint against this cop for not doing his job. Animal cruelty has now become a felony in Connecticut. Anyway, I called the vet hospital and talked to the primary vet that I had previously worked for. He knows I work for a newspaper. I explained the story to him and said that we the paper was prepared to do a story about it and it would NOT be a favorable one considering the circumstances.

Ozzy took a turn for the worse and it was then that his owner decided to have him euthanized. They found cancer in his jaw (that was broken in 3 places, which made him unable to eat). I took her there because I didn't want her to go through it alone. When they brought him in, I immediately started to cry. This poor, loving cat, who had never seen me before, put his head in my arms and started to purr. We spent about 20 minutes with him before the doctor came in. Eileen couldn't bear to witness it, so I told her I'd stay with him, so he wouldn't be alone. You could see how much pain he was in. She did what was best for him.

So today I'm a little weepy and somber. I never had to witness a euthanization before. But I'm glad I could do it for her. I am just angry that SOME vets are more interested in putting their kids through college and buying their next Mercedes as opposed to the welfare of their clients. The vet that performed the procedure was very nice and compassionate. She assured Eileen that she was doing the best thing for Ozzy.

Ozzy is now at the Bridge and no longer suffers from pain. For the little amount of time that I knew him, I fell in love with him. He was a beautiful cat.

Rest in peace Oz man. Know that you are loved and in a better place. Justice will prevail.

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I have tears in my eyes from your story.

You are a beautiful, kind and caring soul. I'm glad that everyone on this board was able to get a glimpse of that. I know how big your heart is, and I want everyone else to know.

You did an incredibly compassionate thing for this woman that you didn't know. I'm honored to call you my friend.
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Thank you! I'm still in that weepy mood and your compliment set off another stream of tears. I'm glad we're such good friends.


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Donna, I am sitting here weeping! I am so sad that a cat who was obviously loved for so many years was brutally attacked by a person. I am so sad that the evil person chose a 20 year old cat to attack....an animal that old has no chance to escape or fight back. I am so sad that one of the cat's last memories had to be of being beaten with a bat. I am so sad that the lady who lived with the cat for 20 years had to face that kind of death, rather than a gentle passing in the night. I am so sad that the cat was treated by a vet so uncaring that he couldn't see beyond his pocketbook.

But, I am so glad that this lady found you, Donna, to help her so she didn't have to go through this horrendous event by herself.

I can only imagine her grief and how raw you must feel after having gone through this yourself.

My heart goes out to the lady, the sweet old kitty, and to Donna.
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Donna; I am so sorry that you are down on this Wednesday. . . Know that your good deed will not go unrewarded! It is friends like you that keep me returning to TCS. AP; I finally manageed to get that thread we talked about posted. It kept me up most of the night and I realized I had to speak. (in lieu of fetching or rolling over! LOL)

More BBII tonite maybe it won't be as "boring" as last nite.

Catch 'ya later (if you promise not to throw too hard)
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thanks for the heads up on BB2!!!

I didn't know it was on tonight
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Donna, what a tragedy! I'm all teary eyed too, but I'm also angry. I think people who are cruel to animals should be subjected to the same treatment. Not that I'd be able to take a bat to that boy myself, but still . . .

Hubby informs me he is going out of town for a conference next week. He's excited. It means I will have his sister and mother all to myself for 2 days - at least it might solve the bed problem! However, we need to give $175 to the dentist for L's teeth (they are very bad) and his company wants him to put the hotel on the expense account, which means he pays it and they reimburse him later. I think it will have to be one or the other, and the teeth can't wait.

I ditched the kid at a drop-in day care. I just need a few hours to myself in my own home, plus I need to work on some pieces for the gallery in 6 weeks. I don't have a thing ready!
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What kind of artwork do you do?

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Ditto to everything AP said.

On an interesting note, I found out today that I have internet access in my classroom!

Now this won't be too big of a change for me because I have kids on my computers all day, but it has given a whole new meaning to "after school", especially on days I have class at 5:00 and don't bother to go all the way home first. Be on the lookout for me in the afternoons. (You have been warned.)
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I don't quite know how to describe it. In some ways I just paint stuff, but it's more decorator items than pictures, though I do sometimes draw too. Sometimes I just find a bunch of things that want glued together or attached to some masonite or whatever ("assemblage", like collage only not always flat). I have tried calling it "art furniture" because it's often cabinets or chairs or stools, but that doesn't include the boxes or the little chotchkeys so . . . I don't really have a good answer! But I keep making these things and I don't know what to do with them. I saw an ad in a local free paper and answered and signed a contract on the basis of a single piece I had to show her! And it's not for sale, it's a gift for hubby! I'm pretty freaked because I've never shown my stuff in a professional kind of setting like this before. In fact, I flunked art through most of school because I prefer modern stuff (Picasso, Miro, Rothko, Kandinski) and paint more like them while teachers prefer recognizable pictures, so this is a real nerve-wracking step for me. I feel good about it in general, just nervous.
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I think that's wonderful! I like to decorate plain old frames, business card holders and other items with jewels, flowers, etc. I started it sometime ago and then stopped because I got too busy. I made one for my aunt recently and realized how much I miss it. I go to flea markets and get junk jewelry, and stuff real cheap. I get the frames at the Christmas Tree Shops very cheap. I tried selling the frames as a fundraiser for our animal rescue organization but they didn't sell. I may have asked too much ($7 for a 5 x 7 frame). So I give them away as gifts.

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Donna, even though this is yesterdays daily thread, I went and read it, and I am SO glad I did!!! I echo what airprincess has said about you!!!! You are an for trying to help that woman get her cat back, and I am SO sorry that the cat died!!! I also feel proud to call you my friend, even though I have never met you!
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