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Well the cats are pretty tolerable of our 4 year old. Fluffy will scratch the odd time but Socks NEVER bites. Today our daughter reached out to pat,grab (whichever) Socks and he bit and then did it a second time! I'm shocked and surprised he's doing this. Is he just having a bad day or just sick of her?
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He is probably tired of being grabbed, at that age, kids have a way of being to startling for a cat to deal with. Jerky movements, they can invariably hurt the cat without meaning to and it sounds like that is what might be happening here. I hope you did not punish him for protecting himself.
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I agree with Hissy. My cat QT was born and spent her first years with my sister and her children. My sister used to tell me how her 3 year old daughter would literally grab QT by the tail and drag her around without a complaint from the cat. So according to my sis, QT was an angel cat.
When QT moved in with me, and my sis came to visit with her children, they were all surprised why QT would hide under the sofa and no coaxing or treats could make her come out. My niece tried to pet her and behold she got a scratch and a nasty bite from her beloved and supposedly "angelic" QT.
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Rosie can be a very loving and affectionate thing, but if i tickle her around her ears or under her chin for longer than she wants to be tickled she bites me!, thats her way of saying she'd had enough!.
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Thanks for the replies. For some reason Socks had a ticked off look to him all day He seems better this morning though.
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