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Furniture Question

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I have to get a slip cover for my couch. Anyone have advice as to what kind of fabric to get? I brush my cats all the time, but still get hair all over furniture.
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As for cat fur, I think all material attracts that, unless you can get like a faux leather? Although the other day on the news they were showing this fabric called "micro fiber" it looks and feels like suede or something, and it is a liquid repellant, they even took a piece and poured coffee on it and it just balled up, didn't seem to soak in as much. I don't know if this answered anything, but oh well. Good luck!
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Whatever fabric you get, cat hair will still cover the furniture. I am sure your own clothes aren't immune to it, right?
My slipcovers are cotton which I can wash anytime. It's also cheap.
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Yes, my clothes are usually always covered in cat hair. The one thing I can't stand, but oh well.. I was thinking the 100% cotton as well, so I could wash it. I just didn't want to get stuck with a fabric that ended up being worse than the fabric on the couch. I swear it is like velco! Just about impossible to get off!
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We just make sure our slipcovers are machine-washable & dryable. The cat hair is usually picked up by the dryer filter.

This is a useful tool for removing cat hair from upholstery:
pet hair squeegee

You can also get a roll of wide masking tape, and pull out the first foot or so, and roll it backwards around the roll of tape. Then you roll the tape over your clothes and it will pick up the hair. When that layer of tape is used up, just tear it of & pull some more around the roll. Less expensive than a standard lint roller, and works really well.
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Call me weird, but in the summertime when shedding is at its peak, I use a full or queen size fitted sheet in a color to complement the room. Being fitted, it can slide under the front cushions, then go up over the back and hook there. It's very easy to wash and put back on. Since I don't like air conditioning and am in shorts all summer, the feel of a sheet is nice against the legs on a hot day. I remove it when company is coming.

I also use the vaccuum cleaner attachments to get the cat hair off. If you buy a regular slip cover, suggest it is sturdy enough to vaccuum in a pinch, but of a fabric that you can throw in the washing machine.
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I bought the cheap furniture throws from walmart (19.99 ea). 2 problems- they dont cover the back of the furniture and they slip everytime someone sits and look terrible. (guess thats why theyre called "slip" covers . But they are easy to wash and put back on. My neighbor has the fitted slipcovers and they are made of a really thick slick material, like a heavy drapery. They dont catch animal hair in the fabric and they are rubber backed so they stay put. I believe she got them at walmart also for $50 each and they are machine washable.
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