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Thanks Vir-Chew-All Enterprises!

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I was lucky enough to win a Meowhoo game a couple months back, and got my prize from Vir-Chew-All Enterprises today! Trent is thrilled with his new prezzie. It is the Magic Cat Hat!

Here he is checking out the package. He always knows when a package is for him...

And here he is playing with this MONSTER of a toy!!

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Firstly - Congrads on winning.

Trent is so happy with his new toy.
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Gratz on the win! Kitty is happy I'm sure.

I saw that thing at a pet store, crossed my mind to get it. But Em only likes those fur mice. Its all I buy now.
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Great pictures of Trent and his new toy!
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What exactly is it? Is it a hat you or Trent wears?

Trent looks so cute, Congrats on winning.

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Its a hat that has toy on strings for your cat to play with. Its called magic hat I guess becasue its in the shape of a top hat and "magicaly" there are toys in it for the kitty
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Well done on winning Heidi!.

It's the first time i've seen a full picture of your babies(well one of them anyway!).

He's a handsome little boy, and gorgeous eyes!!.
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Your cat is beauitful....and Iam sure he is happy to have a new toy...
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Thanks for the compliments on Trent everyone! He LOVES this new toy, which is a big bonus to me because I can now distract him for a while when I have to work on the computer at home. Unfortunately, Ophelia is a bit scared of the toy, at least she was initially. She did show some curiosity after it had been out for a while, but she's still not sure if something that BIG is for her to play with or if it's going to eat her.
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Awww Ophelia, don't worry, the beautiful Trent will kill the big bad thing for you!
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