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Calling All Dog Owners - Advice Sought

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As some of you know with my job at the airport I have the opportunity to deal with animals including dogs.

I'm an animal person...except for insects....they're creepy.

Now my problem with dogs is when I'm on a courier run by myself. This week I actually got cornered at the front door of a house by a dog. And this was after beeping the horn and rattling the gate before entry. If it were not for the owner coming out I think there would have been blood drawn, namely my blood.

The owner insisted that the dog would be fine as I left as it returned under the house. However, this dog went to latch on my right ankle as I was walking away calmly. No damage was done. I was wearing safety boots and long industrial work pants. Though my mood quickly darkened and I did let the owner that I was less than impressed about her judgement of her dog and yes I will admit that extensive use of four letter words were used and then some more. Even I could tell by the body language of the dog that not all was fine and still she refused to step out of her house to make sure that something wouldn't happen. I am grateful for the fact that she did step out when her dog tried to latch on to my ankle.

The second incident, only 15 minutes later was with a guard dog at a house with no front gate but the back gate was open, not that I could see this until it was too late. I was hlafway up the driveway when the dog comes running up to me barking and being territorial. I only had a package to protect me as I backed off back to the van. I was about to drive away when the owner came out asking whether the dog bit me and was sorry that it happenned. I said that it didn't bite me and gave him his package.

What I want to know is, what is the best thing to do when confronted by an aggressive dog?

So far, this is what I do. I don't use any quick sudden movements. I speak in a calm voice. I pray that the owner will come. I retreat back to the van. And I ALWAYS leave the front gate open so it's easier for me to get out in a rush if I need to.
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I know that mailmen carry pepper spray, but I would think that this would enrage a dog. I would be more inclined to carry dog biscuits if it were me. You have the right idea, wear long sleeves and long pants and heavy boots, and be non-confrontational when they are on the alert.

I know of a decent yahoo group about problems with dogs, let me see if I can find the link for you

Here ya go-

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Well I think the obvious things to do might not get you very far. The first dog you talked about might have been scared, scared dogs usually attack when the person's back is turned and are going away. Very poor judgement on the woman's part!

The usual would be, under no circumstances making eye contact, turning your body so that you're not facing the dog, yawning, licking your lips. All those are calming signals for dogs, although they may not be enough with a truly aggressive dog. Talking in an upbeat voice may help too. Sounds like you know how to read dogs, like with that first one, which is the thing that'll help you most. Some people just can't do it, not even with their own dog and thus the bite comes as a big surprise to them. Growling is always a warning, don't keep doing what you're doing or I'll most likely bite. With dogs guarding their yards and houses, I don't know if anything would help, except the owner coming and showing the dog that it's alright.

Btw hissy, I'd rather carry the biscuits too!
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carrying pepper spray isn't a bad Idea but it can also do major damage to animals if not used correctly! The best way to deal with it is to use their natural instincts to you advantage. Most "gaurd" dogs are "trained" to keep their property safe from people that don't belong there they do this because of 2 drives that are very high in their personalities one is in fact Pray drive and the other in gaurd drive. The best ways to divert these drives are to
1.Don't move or make VERY slow movements(i.e. Step slowly backwards from where you came.)
2. Do not make eye contact!!!! Dogs do this to show agression unless you are already a member of their pack.
3. Like the common expression goes. Dogs smell fear. This is very true!! and if the dog is natrually agressive they will act on it no matter what. So do your best to stay calm.
4. Just another little trick that might work for ya. Carry treats of some sort. Hot dogs are a wonderful treat for them! and not to bad for them. (it's also a great thing to use when training your dog).

I can only stress the fact to not look into their eyes. It is also how Wolves in packs challenge each other to see who the strongest. Be submissive. Then the dog won't act on his agression if he thinks you have already given into him.
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I work for a telephone company and I know that our field technicians that have to go house to house are given pepper spray to carry with them. They actually have notes on file if there is a house with a known aggressive dog and they pull out the pepper spray before they go to their house.

I personally would have a tough time with pepper spray on an animal, and would probably carry biscuits also. Agree with the other behavior tips offered and would try those first and use the pepper spray as a last resort.
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We have two very large dogs, and one of them is very very territorial, he is a german shepard. They sound very fierce when people are around the house outside, but I know when someone comes over that they don't know, it works to use a quiet voice, they hate loud voices, and do not like people moving fast either.

Some people aren't very resposible dog owners it seems where you are. If say fed ex or UPS were to come, I put the dogs in the backyard before I open the door, because I know they will be barking and jumping.
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I have already been confronted by such dogs a LOT. And my advice is this: Don't start running, stay there and look calm. If you start running away then the dog will go running after you. If you keep your ground he will usually keep his own ground. Another piece of advice I give is to carry an umbrella. Not to hit him, but to menace him, if you show him a long stick like thing he will understand your strenght and back away. And if he was ever hit before by a stick or something like that he may even run away.

You've already received very good advice.
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Well , I have 2 dogs and they don't like each other . So I have to keep them constandly separated . By mistake we let one dog out in the back yard and they fight bad a few times . Nothing will help to stop the fight . We try everything including water hose . My husband has pepper spary due to his job. Last week we had by my hubbys fould again a fight . My husband used a little pepper spray on the dogs and we were able to seperade them . I did had to wash their face with only cold water , warm water will only burm more . But this time there was no blood drawn in the fight and also what I need to say is that my husband know how to use the spray too . He is a cop btw. and had to be sprayed ( all cops has to go through here )in order to pass the hole cop test . This is just my input on pepper spray . Both dogs are fine and we never would use it in normal situations .
To hit a dog with a stick or something I only would do if you have to . A dog could get more agressive if hit and hurt .
Never make eye contact with a dog you don't know , it could be threadening to him/her and start to atack you .
When a dog come your way , stop and very slowly walk backwards back out .
Do never ever run away from a dog , it only will couse the hunting instink to come up in a dog .
My mail person is using the horn if she has to deliver something and if nobody is coming out of the house , she don't even bother to try more and only will leave a massage in the mail box for pick up . And I sure don't plame her doing that .
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Originally posted by yoviher
If you keep your ground he will usually keep his own ground. Another piece of advice I give is to carry an umbrella. Not to hit him, but to menace him, if you show him a long stick like thing he will understand your strenght and back away. And if he was ever hit before by a stick or something like that he may even run away.

You've already received very good advice.
Chances are more likly that the dog will take this as an agressive move and will infact become more aggressive. I truly advise against this. the only true way to scare a dog is by fighting it and winning over the Alpha role. and to do that it entends Fighting the dog and causing it to go into what is called the alpha roll. We have all seen it done in our own dogs when they are playing. The dominent dog makes the submissive dog to roll on to its back with the dominate dog hovering on top of him. This is also a way to train your dog who belives he is dominate over you. and always used as a last resort in any situation. ( not advised to do this in this certain situation.) But please for your own safty and for the life of the dog DON"T TRY AND DOMINATE IT!!!!!!!!!
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Well, definitely won't be using the pepper spray. We have some rather confusing laws with that. It's legal to buy, legal to sell but not legal to use...or something like that. That and I've accidentally rubbed my eye once after handling chilli and that was torturous and I don't want any other person or animal to experience it.

I won't be waving a stick or umbrella around. There's no need to add fear to an already aggressive animal. I do understand that dogs do wish to protect their pack so to speak, some dogs more than others. And it won't look too good if the owner comes out seeing me waving an object at the dog

Will try the dog biscuits. Seems like the friendliest thing to do. And food is always a wonderful incentive during training and heck, I might actually help develop a bond with these dogs.

Thank you for the link Mary Anne. It's a valuable resource, so much so I haven't had to post anything yet.
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