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Game - Answer the last question and ask the next  

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Answer only the question asked by the last poster, and than ask a question for someone else to answer.

First Question - What's your Zodiac Sign?
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How many cats do you have?

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What is the colour of your hair?

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It is highlighted with shades of blonde and brown. Some of my gray show through too. I like it.

Are you done with Christmas shopping.
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I'm done with it for two weeks now. I hate it, so I'm doing it as soon as I can.

Are you giving presents to your cat(s) on their birthday/christmas ?
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Of course! 


How many piercings do you have?

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Two pierced ears.

What nationality are you?
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US citizen


Do you play a sport?  

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Yes, I do yoga and I ride horses.


Do you have any tattoos?

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Yes, I have two.  


Do you paint your fingernails?

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Yes. My nails are always painted.

Do you listen to music while going about your daily life?
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I do. Except when I'm driving, etc.

Do you prefer reading a book or reading online?
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Most of the online reading I do is for work and books are for relaxing, so I'd have to say books.


Are you a coffee drinker or a tea drinker?

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I drink both. Probably more coffee.

Ever been in love?
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Are you comfortable with heights? 

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Hell no.

What is your favorite kind of music?
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Jazz, especially boogie woogie piano.


Do you brush your cat's teeth?

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Heck no.

Which music do you least prefer?
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Country. Hate it with a passion.


Do you watch football games on TV?

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I hate watching football, and soccer too. The only exception I made was the World Cup's final 1998, France-Brazil (and we won!).

But I love watching hockey on TV, don't know why.


Do you like your in-laws?

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I'm divorced now but I adored my in-laws.  It took  a very long time for me to get over losing my ex's big loving family.


Do you volunteer for a rescue or shelter?  

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No shelter of any kind in town, but I support the nearest one financially, together with ASPCA, etc.

Do you like your siblings?
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I like my sister, I have a half sister that I don't like very much, although I don't know her well. My step mom's son I can't stand.

Did you or do you have an unusual pet ?
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Only my husband, but he won't stay in his crate.

Did you get along well with your parents?
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Yes, although when it came to my father, sometimes I had to work really hard at it.  My mother was a real peach and made it easy.  hearthrob.gif


Do you ever have recurring dreams?  

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I used to have a recurring dream of a bridge fading off in the distance. When I emigrated to NYC I no longer had the dream. Walking in my neighborhood one day I realized that the bridge in my dream was the Queensboro Bridge, which was one block from my apartment.

Do you have nightmares?
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Kind of.  One of my recurring dreams is that I can fly.  It's glorious and wonderful until I come to an area with lots of electric wires strung across the sky like a maze.  Then it's sheer anxiety trying to find my way through them.


Have you ever known something was going to happen before it actually did? 

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Yes, many times.

Ever had a religious vision?
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Yes. I met what I believe to be my DD's Guardian Angel in the middle of the night in my house about 7 years ago or so. It was unreal. I touched him/her and everything. He/she looked exactly like what you'd think they would. 


Have you started doing your holiday cards yet?

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No, not me but my brother says he had one once.   Jesus appeared in the passenger seat while he was driving and suggested he should change his ways.  Unfortunately my brother tells whoppers like most people breathe so I have no idea if this is true.  On the other hand, he did rather suddenly start going to church and gave up some self-destructive behavior. purplexed.gif


Well rats. I was too slow.  @Kat0121 beat me to it.


No, I've not started any cards.


What December holiday do you celebrate?

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