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Cat dies from flea bath at PETCO

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I hope it is ok to post this here , if not please remove .

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Oh God, takes me back to what happened to our sweet Bartee.
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I'm not sure what to say to that.

It's definitely not something that you would expect after a flea bath. Something did go very wrong in this instance.

I do hope that with rewording of the case, Faucett is able to pursue the case successfully.
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I am sorry M.A. to remind you with that link of your loss and my heart is going out to you . I was thinking very long if I should post that or not .
But I think that we as animal lovers need to be aware of protucts (sp)that are not good for our pets and need to make sure we don't just use anything what is on the market specialy those over the counters . And that is why I had to post this link .
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Since this is pertaining to the lawsuit resulting from the tragedy, I'm going to move this to IMO.
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That is terrible. That poor woman should be able to get something for her loss at their expenses.
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An animal being refered to as property makes my blood boil!!!
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how sad
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Originally posted by jugen
An animal being refered to as property makes my blood boil!!!
My reaction exactly. Petco should be sued just so that they're more careful in the future.
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I don't know if this has come up in many jurisdictions besides California and Colorado, but this is the exact issue of changing from pet "owner" to pet "guardian", and lawsuits are the exact reason why these bills have thus far gone down in flames. Vets, groomers, boarders, pet sitters, etc. are scared to death of pets being regarded legally as more than property. With damage to property you only can sue for the cost of replacement. If we are guardians and not just owners, then they could be sued for pain and suffering, emotional distress, etc. etc.
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Oh I wish we could give that Petco a piece of our minds!!!

This makes me so pissed off.


Some people...
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Whenever I take any of my precious fur-babies for ANYTHING, Vet care, grooming, whatever, I try to go looking a little "rough".
Haven't shaved in a day of two, looking tired, bloodshot eyes and ALWAYS early in the morning so I can have that one eye half-open/Clint Eastwood look. Since it's early, my voice is graveley, very Sam-Elliot-like.
I make it clear, in no uncertain terms that this is one of my most precious companions.
The one-eyed stare and firm demeanor usually tells anyone that this is one cat that they would want to keep healthy-and happy
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Uncle Fester you are to funny
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After reading that article, it makes me wonder if that is what caused my Persian, Stanley's liver disease that eventually killed him. I don't know if it could be possible or not, but I had all of my cats at that time, Stanley, Snoopy and Shane treated for fleas at the end of the Summer of 2002,(although, non of my cats went outdoors, I did take my dog out, and he got flea's, so I wanted to make sure the kitties didn't get them.) Stanley developed sores on his body, which eventually went away and everything seemed to be OK after that, except Stanley continued to very slowly lose weight. So slowly in fact that I really didn't notice it. Then in August of the following year, Stanley, who was only a little over 2 years old at the time, was diagnosed with severe, incurable liver disease. I'm wondering now, if that could have been the cause of Stanley's eventual demise.

As far as that law suit, I don't think the law is really set up to protect pets and their owners/guardians. Anyone knows you can replace a TV, or a computer, if it's damaged by a company, that is repairing it, but you cannot replace a living creature. They might be able to compensate that lady for the price of a new cat, but they can't replace the companion she loved so dearly. Animal's should NOT be considered, "property".
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