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My Cat is vomiting

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My cat has been vomiting since late last night. Its a brown fluid, no diarehha and she is walking around a bit, not as much as usual.

The vet opens in the morning and I will take her, but is there anything I can do until then? She does drink a little water when I offer it to her, but I think that is what makes her vomit again.

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Cyn, I am sorry to hear your kitty is sick I don't have any experience with your situation, but I hope she feels better real soon. I see that this was your first post and you just left it and I wanted to let you know that they are really quick at posting here on the site, so I am sure that someone with more experience than I will be reading your post soon and can offer help. Hang in there.
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The real danger is she is vomiting liquid- that means that she could dehydrate. There are two ways to check dehydration in cats, one way involves the gums, and the other easier way is to pinch the scruff of the neck with your fingers lightly. Hold it for just a few seconds and release it. The scruff should go down in under 2 seconds, if it stays up or tented in any way you cat needs subcutaneos fluids and vet IMMEDIATELY.

Take some tuna juice and dribble it in her water, or float some ice cubes in her water bowl, since she is vomiting so much, if you have access to cat grass, or green grass, gather some and give it to her to see if she will eat it (it can act like an antacid, even floating a few blades of grass in her water bowl, might help her. But again dehydration is your biggest danger and if she were my cat, I would be getting her to a vet as soon as possible.
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I took her to the vet this morning and they diagnosed it as a mild case of pancreatis, they are hydrating her and giving her some medication, hopefully I can pick her up tomorrow.

Before they took her blood test they said something about it maybe being a blockage, and after reading some of the posts here I started thinking that could be it, as I have been doing spring cleaning and have had thread and plastic bags on the foor, so even though thats not it, it made me think that it is probably a good idea to keep that type of stuff off the floor.

Thanks again to you all!
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Oh! I'm sorry to hear that ur kitty's sick. GLAD you were able to get her to a vet.. Do keep us posted on how she is doing!

Welcome to the Catsite! You'll realy enjoy it here.
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My cat was vomiting so I took her to the vet they said something about pranceatis, then they said they did not know what was wrong. I picked her up from the vet almost a week ago and she has not vomited but she does not eat much or drink much at all.
Looking at the vet records it says her "lipase" was over 4,000 but everything else was normal. They gave me some food for her, but she will not touch it. They said to keep her on bland low fat diet.

I cannot stand to see her wasting away, so I got her some Pedialyte, which is water they give babies and some vitamins in a paste, and some baby formula.
I am wondering if any of you have thoughts on what I should feed her? What about tuna for humans packed in water and no sodium?
How about the baby formula, do you think it would be too fatty?

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Sorry to hear your kitty is not much better. Maybe you can take her to a different vet for a second opinion?
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I have had two experiences with this. Lily had done this for a while and she did well on doses of prednisone which increaseed her appetite and kept her swelling down. She had some form of lupus. I read that if a cat doesn't eat or drink, its body starts to shut itself down. :-(

Slash had barfed some of this brown stuff after the stomach surgery (they thought he had stomach cancer at first). So the idea its the digestive system is probably right.

I would try another vet, another opinion. I took lily to two vets before they took iniative and treated her, not just her symptoms.
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im really sorry to hear that your cat is sick, hope you can get it back soon

Welcome to tcs, youl have a good time here
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