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New Book of Homeless Animals

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GROUNDBREAKING BOOK CHRONICLES AMERICAS HOMELESS ANIMAL TRAGEDY Portraits of Homeless Animals Put Faces on Incomprehensible Statistics

Fellow Animal Advocates,

We are thrilled to announce the availability of a new tool in the battle against pet overpopulation and animal homelessness. As former shelter workers, we are intimately familiar with the struggle to educate the public as to the causes and results of the homeless animal tragedy in this country. Like other shelter workers, we have used every tool at our disposal literature, campaigns, our own heartfelt words and pleas and have seen how difficult it still is for the public to absorb the staggering statistics; they are even less able to comprehend that they can affect and change the tragedy.

One at a Time: A Week in an American Animal Shelter is a new book inspired by this struggle. Just off the presses, One at a Time brings the homeless animal situation vividly to life, via a true account of seven days in a typical U.S. animal shelter. Using an innovative format of compelling photos and moving vignettes, the book chronicles the stories of 75 animals who passed through a northern California animal shelter during one week which we witnessed and documented.

The book presents the multi-faceted homeless animal problem by gathering the animalsstories into chapters, each focused on a specific topic. One chapter tells the stories of lost and stray animals; one gives voice to animals surrendered to the shelter by their guardians; and another portrays litters of puppies and kittens who are victims of overpopulation. One chapter honestly depicts the harsh reality of the fate that awaits many animals euthanasia; another is filled with the joyful stories of happy endingslucky animals adopted into new homes.

The animals in the book act as ambassadors for all homeless animals. Their stories promote shelter adoptions, reinforce the critical importance of spaying and neutering, and champion responsible animal care. Each animal has an important lesson to teach with his story: whether it is the lost dog who was quickly reunited with his family because he was wearing an ID tag, or the cat who was given up by her guardians because they didnt understand the commitment involved, the stories communicate educational information while capturing the readers heart with each animals unique and personal tale. This format helps readers to see beyond the incomprehensible statistics and to see homeless animals as individuals who are deserving of societys compassion, concern, care, and respect.

The book is a project of No Voice Unheard, a non-profit organization which we founded. The production costs of One at a Time were underwritten by donations from compassionate individuals and grants from visionary foundations, including PETsMART Charities. We have no paid staff, and all proceeds from book sales will be used to support outreach and educational programs bringing attention to the homeless animal problem in this country.

After a two-year long period of writing, researching, and fundraising, followed by a year of design, editing, and production, One at a Time is ready for distribution. We currently are kicking off a multi-faceted marketing and public relations campaign designed to reach the public with the important educational information contained in One at a Time.

Another goal of the project is to get the book into the hands of local shelters, rescue, and educational organizations to use as a tool in their own communities. Were planning collaborative educational book readings with local organizations, to create an opportunity for those organizations to publicize their work, their local issues, and the animals in their care. Were also offering the book at a substantial discount to non-profits who would like to use it as a fundraiser, give it as a gift to donors, sell it in their merchandise line, or include it in outreach and educational projects.

We very much welcome any other ideas you might have on getting this book into the hands of the animal welfare community, the media, and the public we stand ready, offering this book in any way that will help to bring an end to this nations homeless animal tragedy. Please contact us for additional information, or visit www.NoVoiceUnheard.org.

No Voice Unheard
P. O. Box 4171
Santa Cruz, CA 95063
Ph: 831-440-9574 Fax: 831-479-3225
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Wunderbar! What a great idea, which definitely should be supported. My mom and two nieces, all of whom work as volunteers in a shelter, will be getting the book from me. I'm glad you posted that, Hedi.
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That sounds like an excellent book! Thanks for letting us know about it.
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Your welcome . I was thinking to get one book for myself too
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