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Who will be Kerry's running mate?

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This is a subject that is being argued since Kerry won super tuesday getting the two largest states (California, New York). Many people are saying that John Edwards may be running as Vice President.

However, according to newspapers here Clark is going after Kerry as if he was a corn cob, so as to get the Vice Presidential ticket.

It has also been mentioned, that in order to attract voters the Demos may choose as running mate governor Bill Harrison of New Mexico, who is a second generation hispanic and speaks Spanish very fluently.

Edwards, it is believed would attract southern voters in the south - an impossible to win region for a liberal.

Now, another worry is that the Republicans are making a lot of efforts with the Hispanic population. Harrison, would help a lot. (Can you imagine the running mate doing campaign speeches in Spanish?)

The theory is that if the Demos get all the states they got on 2000 plus one of the southwestern states such as Arizona or New Mexico and they've got all the electoral votes to win.

Regardless of it all, this is bound to be the kind of election where there will be a LOT of people in churches praying for the outcome, and pharmacies will have sold all their nerve calmers. As for me, I will hide under the bed until the earthquake is over.

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It's too difficult to call. A lot of people assume that Edwards will get the nod, being a Southerner and at least appearing to be much younger than Kerry. I'm not so sure, simply because of his being a senator. The Bush team is supposedly going to play up the fact that Kerry is a Beltway "insider" and "Yankee blueblood", while they portray Bush as a "down home" sort of guy (which is a laugh: he's a third-generation politician who attended Ivy League schools and was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. How naive do they think people are?) That might tip the scales in favor of Clark, who is not only an "outsider", but comes with "national security credentials". However, Clark might actually be more interested in an appointment as Secretary of State or Defense, as either position would be more "high profile" than that of VP. Some people have expressed the opinion that a "bulldog" like Dean is needed to match Cheney's aggressive style. Bush is obviously courting Hispanics, so that might very well be a consideration, though Kerry's wife is perfectly capable of holding campaign speeches in Spanish. Kerry's main drawback, IMO, is that he's exhibited a lot of indecisiveness/ambivalence on quite a few issues, so that "character flaw" has to be compensated for. Bush's Weltanschauung (world view) is far too simplistic, too "black and white" for many people. Kerry seems to go to the other extreme, exploring every possible nuance of gray, going by what I know of his senatorial record. Any running mate he chooses would have to be perceived as very resolute.
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