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Tarka's new wheels

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Hi guys

Check them out. She hasn't taken to them terribly well yet and we are still trying to adjust them so that they fit her properly. Her back isn't aligned properly with it now, so we are going to change a couple of things tomorrow.

But pretty cool, hey?
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Very cool. I hope she's soon whizzing around on her wheels.
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wow that's cool. I hope you post pics when she's wearing it!
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Those little carts are so neat! I'd like to see some pics of Tarka using her cart too!
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Looks like high-tech gadgetry there.

Best of luck with the adjustments. They can be rather fiddly. Give Tarka time to adjust....and don't forget the pictures of her using them....that is if she doesn't whizz by too fast for the camera.

She's one very lucky kitty to have you in her life.
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That is so neat. Hope to see Tarka whizzing around very soon on those wheels.

Good luck with the adjustments.
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What a great set of wheels! Tarka is definitely a lucky girl!!
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that's a wonderful set of wheels!I really hope to see pics of Tarka using it..
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Yay! I am very happy for you and Tarka! I hope she adjusts well to her cool new wheels!

Can't wait to see pictures of her using them!!
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In time she'll get adjusted to her new wheels, and will be very happy to roll along beside you.
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