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Cat food

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Ok...I tried giving my kitties food from the Vet Clinic a while back, Technical. Its supposed to be top of the line. One problem...they hated the taste and wouldn't eat it. They only seem to like the grocery store type foods. Right now they are eating Friskies, but I'd like the opinions of those of you who buy grocery store cat food. Which kind is best? My cats didn't like Meow Mix at all either. My friend gives her girls Whiskas Perfect Balance with good results, very soft healthy coats, and nice active, happy kitties. Suggestions?
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Hmm let me see... over the years i have tried a lot of cat foods...

Let's see Science Diet: my cats hated it...

Friskies: not too pleased either

Whiskas: yes, they liked it

Iams/EK: They are eating this now (they like it), their fur is shiny, they are not overweight so I guess i'll stick to that for now.

You are sure to get a lot of answers on this question.
(I don't know about Vet Clinic, this brand doesn't exist in Portugal)

When i want to give them a treat, i give them Whiskas Milk: they love it!

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I think the best grocery store food is Purina ONE, unless you're able to get Iams at the grocery store. (The stores in my area now carry Iams.) My cats detest Iams Kitten food, but love Purina ONE. They also hated Science Diet wet food.
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Okay, this is a lot to read, but there are a TON of posts here and a WEALTH of info on cat foods and what to look for.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...hlight=taurine
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Hullo everyone, I'm a newbie here at TSC...so happy to be a kitten!

Thankya Sandie for directing me to that thread. I read up and know I have read other discussions regarding food elsewhere in the forums. I thank all of you who have taken the time to share the information you have.

When I adopted my little Princes, they were eating Nutro kitten formula. Thier rescuers sent along a supply of food which is just now nearly devoured.

Based on what I've read here, I see no reason to change when it comes time to fetch more. I will definitely know better what to look for on the label after spending some time here tonight. Anyone who can tell me more about this particular food?

~Mica and Luna's pet, ShanOwl
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I got a very educational talking to by someone at a pet store.
She was advertising Max Cat Food.
She advised me that the cat foods that are in the grocery stores have yellow corn and chicken-by-products in their food. Chicken-by-products are chicken heads, chicken feet, and internal organs. Yuk!
Not what I want to feed my cats! Yellow corn is listed first on most foods then by-products. Not good for your cat or her/his coat.
Don't let the IAMS company fool you with their expensive lables.
They are owned by one of the largest animal testers in the country.
Yellow corn goes right through your cat, more mess in the litterbox.
And by-products are not good for them at all!
Max Cat food is a meat based food. No, by-products or corn.
Your cat will feel full faster and eat less. And less mess in the litterbox. This food will stay in their system longer. I am trying it out and they love it. I mix it in their other food so they slowly get used to it.
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MelLars-thanx for the great advice-I didn't know all that!

The whiskas w/ savory nuggets is the big favorite for my cats! Unfortunately, it made my older cat gain too much weight, but my guess is that it tastes great to them! What I've been doing is mixing the more expensive "health food" w/ the yummy kind so that they get the nutrition and the taste, plus I don't think I can afford to only feed them the expensive stuff
Also, I have heard that the Purina cat food in the blue bag is supposed to be pretty healthy for a "grocery store" food.
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My kitty gobbles up Iams. I know it's good stuff from my vet and from many recommendations from cat owners and I know its really good for them. I have also heard Eubanuka (I think I spelled that wrong!) is great stuff and it's my back up if for any reason Jinxy gets tired of Iams or if it suddenly does not agree with him anymore. I have been told both of these product are much better for cats than friskies, whiskas or other grocery store brands. Good luck in whatever you chose!!!

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