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New Catnip Toy...Should I take it away???

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A friend just gave me a new toy for the two kitties. It is a catnip toy. When i came home, i forgot it was in my purse and miss kitty had her face inside digging through all my stuff!! so i took the toy out and her and spike cannot get enough of it. they have never reacted to catnip or any catnip toy like this before. they never want to stop playing with it, and they fight over it.

my question is...is too much catnip bad. should i take the toy away after they play with it for a certain amount of time? or is it ok for them to be "high" on catnip for awhile??
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The only time I take away a new catnip toy is if the aggression starts. I also don't let them have catnip all the time, I store their catnip toys in a plastic bag in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. Of the twelve cats I only have 2 that get aggressive on catnip, the rest just get playful.
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yeah, i made the mistake of letting Buffy and Willow have an unlimited amount of cat nip, and now they're just content to eat it. No more of that cute rolling thing...
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I think this is a ymmv kind of thing. You'll see a variety of answers, and will have to watch your guys to decide what works best for them.

Fwiw, my experience is that my guys continue to react to their catnip toys, which are left out 24/7 for them. It just depends on if they are in the "mood". They will act as if they've just 'rediscovered' a toy that has been out for months, and get extremely silly, and just have a wonderful upside-down tussle with it I've not found that having it available diminishes their enjoyment.

For rejeuvenating an older catnip toy, you can either mist it with a good catnip spray or store it overnight in an airtight container with a good quality catnip or catnip pellet in it.
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thanks for all the info.
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Guinness is still mad for catnip. He can't get enough bless him. He has a few toys that have it in and each evening I give him a catnip drop to eat - he acts so loving and knows exactly what I am getting for him the minute I open the certain cupboard where it is stored! I then hide it in my hand for a bit and then put it on my lap for him to find. He is so adorable!
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My cats tore one of their scratching posts totally apart to get to the catnip bag inside of it. I can always tell when Sam gets in it because he attacks my hair and acts all freaky.
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Mine doesn't get that into it. He gets kind of pensive, like in slow motion. But no other reaction. In fact it never occured to me to put the toys away!
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I got my cats this catnip toy its a mini potato sack filled with the green stuff....they go berzerk over it....we call it there crack sack...lol
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I spray Rosies toys with cat nip spray. She bites, licks, and kicks them to bites, and i love watching her!
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Peedoodle becomes really lovey dovey when he is on catnip. Kahu licks the toys till they become soaking wet.
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