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Arrrrrgggg No 2!!!

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As some of you know, my PC was down for a couple of days... my brother got it fixed somewhere, re-formatted it and changed the OS to windows XP using netscape instead of IE.. now i use the computer every other day and lots of things simply wouldn't work for me anymore and I'm really frustrated!

I have actually installed my software to upload my pics from my handphone to my PC, now that there's no backup, all of my pics are gone and guess what? the software installed initially and when i tried to reinstall it again cos there were some problems, the computer refused to let me install it.. arrrggg!!

next comes the messenger... i reinstalled it and it's working fine for the couple of days and I was still talking to some of my friends and then one fine day the computer decided it didn't want to load the messenger again!!!! Now i've just spoken to my brother and he tells me, just dun load it then!!! OMG!!! this is soooooo frustrating!!!

Will somebody tell me what to do???? I'm sorry this is full of anger... I am very angry at this point in time...
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Uh oh, can you do a system restore back to the day that it was working okay?

If you do, go to:

start > accessories > system tools > system restore.

Then try and remember a day when it was all working okay and go to that date. It should help. Thats how my computer was fixed the other day.

Hope this helps.
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Yipes! so many bad things happening in the lounge! I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't monday all over again! Hope you get our puter problems fixed!
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Well, I guess the computer engineer better step up to the plate here

First of all with the camera software I would reccomend the following:
Click on Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add Remove Programs
This will generate a list of programs currently installed on your computer.

Try to find the camera/phone software on here and remove it by clicking "delete" or "remove". This will remove all elements of the software from your machine. You can restart your computer and try re-installing the software from the disk again. If this fails to work, you will probably have to remove the software entries from the system registry before you can re-install fresh. Due to the complexity of this and since I am unfamiliar with the software you are using I would not feel comfortable explaining how to do this. The last option is to Email or call the manufacturer of the software/camera phone and explain to them the problem and see if they have a resolution.

With messenger I am going to somewhat shoot in the dark. Its hard to tell what the problem is without seeing the computer. What I would reccomend is that instead of trying to make this version work. Completely remove the program by going:
Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add Remove Programs
Select "MSN Messenger" or "Windows Messenger" (depending what the problem is with) and remove it. Then go to google.com and do a search for MSN Messenger and download the latest version and install it.

Hope this helps.

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Sorry Kate I'm just a beginner. Good luck girl!!
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