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Ok, I've had too many things not go my way this past year. Yesterday I thought things were turning around, since something happened that seemed to have changed my luck.

But Murphy's Law bit me.

This morning I thought the place felt a little chilly, so I checked the thermostat. The heat wasn't on. So Rob goes down in the basement.....5 inches of water everywhere! Our hot water tank, boiler, washer and dryer are surrounded by water.


So right now we have no heat, can't do laundry, and have no hot water.

I am really hoping that when this water is pumped out, and things dry out, everything will be working. We've never had spring thaw problems with the basement before, but we've had a huge warm spell the last two weeks that melted all the snow.

I don't even want to think how much a contractor is going to cost to water proof the basement. Ick! This 'historical' house is going to be the death of me.

Care to come to my funeral??
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My parents used to have problems with water in the basement because there is a lot of clay in the soil where they live. They did water proof the basement and had a sump pump installed. The expense of having this done was REALLY worth it!

P.S. I hope everything will be working again too!
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Argh Kass!!!! I hope you get a sump pump if you haven't got one already.

I am sorry that you have to go through a difficult time with a old house. Good luck dear.

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My basement is full of water today too. Every time we have a big rain, the basement floods. But, I have a drain in the low point in the basement, so at least the water doesn't collect. I feel really bad for you having to deal with water deep enough to need to be pumped!

I love living in my old house, but it sure can be a big pain in the rear sometimes!
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I can sympathize - we had the same problem two weeks ago, not due to a thaw, but to the sewage and water pipes being replaced in our street. The workers "flushed" the new pipes, and somehow managed to force the water through the wall into our cellar. I spent a couple of hours pumping the water up with a ShopVac, as the fire department was dealing with an arson case the same evening. Now the contractor and our town are battling over who is liable, and we're trying to dry things out despite temperatures hovering around 0 C.
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Bummer! How frustrating for all of you! I hope everything dries out and works fine! Knock on wood this doesn't happen here!(EEP!)
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Bummer Kass!!! I take it Nakita doesn't care for water, either, huh? Hopefully this is just one last bite from Murphy and your luck really does change!!!
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My only battles with water have been relatively small by comparison with what you folks are talking about. Still, they're enough to generate lots of sympathy! Hope things get sorted out soon.
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I too get that darn water in the basement every spring, when the snow thaws....don't have any yet ...but it will come. the house is old too...1913 it was built....we love it it's home.... good luck to you... I know it is a pain
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The basement in the house I grew up in always flooded in the spring. Although it didn't cause as serious problems as you have, it was a royal pain in the butt! I hope things work out to be a lot less expensive than you expect.
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Arrrgh, Sorry to hear that Kass. Hope everythings under control soon. Good luck.
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That is frustrating. There are a lot of folks here who's basements are flooding too. The hardware stores are selling sump pumps faster then they can get them in.
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Originally posted by Russian Blue
This 'historical' house is going to be the death of me.
So, you have a "Money Pit" house then? *sigh*

Mine was built around 1900 with no basement. It's a good thing or we'd be flooded out all the time, but with the pipes in the crawl space under the house, our's simply freeze in the winter.....then we can't do laundry, dishes, or take showers for that matter.

You have my sympathy and understanding!!
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just a suggestion, if you can't find a sump pump anytime soon, I know that there are alarms that you can put in your basement that will alert you to flooding. ADT offered it to me when I got my alarm system, but in Ca, there's no such thing as basements (darn earthquakes).

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