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Kitties are at the Vets this morning!

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Well this morning was a tough morning. Both my kitties had to go to the vet. Jake went for a dentist appointment and Bagpuss really did not need to go but I had to take her because one of the kittes gets to go out for the day and the other one has to stay home they get pissed off with one another and argue when they are home together so Bagpuss is going for a grooming

People (who are not cat people) always assume that cats are stupid. I keep telling them they are really smart, ok so sometimes my two do silly things - I guess just like their human does silly things, it is more of a case of not thinking what one is doing.....anyways back onto the topic at hand!

I kept it very quiet they were going to the vets. I always have the kitty box out as Bapuss loves sleeping in there and Jake wonders in if she is not there but it is kinda like her house. Well I put Jake into the box and when it came to getting Bagpuss I searched the house for a good 10 minutes could not find her anywhere......eventually I found her in a place she has never been before - under the sofa - she knew she was going and I guess really did not want to go out today......I have forgotten where I am going with this....so I had better stop rabbiting on and leave you good people to get on with something more interesting than reading my bost
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I hope they do well at the vets and aren't too mad at you when they get home!
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Hi there once again I just finished taking four of mine last week! UGH...I think you're right that they definitely know something's up. Especially when all four cat carriers were out in the hall...:laughing2

I wish you the best today You've got your hands full :laughing2, but then again, we all can relate to vet time!

Love, Peace &
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awwwwwww, I hope everything goes well! At least bagpuss won't feel left out!
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