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please help!!!

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please anybody help me if you can I have a himalayan female cat she is almost 2 years old .. Just recently I got another himalayan kitten a male...about a week ago my female threw up twice and she just wasn't eating like she normally does,, I brought her to the vet and he said he really didn't see anything out of the ordinary he gave her a shot to stop her from vomiting and gave me some pills to give her for the same...Needless to say she still isn't eating like she normally does but, she is not vomiting anymore but her nose sounds like she's congested and she doesn't act like herself,,, anyone have any idea what can be wrong with her??? Sometimes she acts like herself and other times she doesn't....
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Well, how recently did you bring home the new cat? It is very possible the new cat had a virus he brought in. Sometimes the lack of appetite and vomiting can indicate an infection. You could also check into worms as well. Keep an eye on her breathing and drinking. I would express the concern to your vet. I would hate for her to get worse!! Let us know whats going on with her!!
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I brought the new cat home about a month ago but, has since then been to the vet and had his second shot and was checked out....I doubt it is worms because she has been checked for that...I'm beginning to lean more towards a upper respiratory infection..Never the less I made another appointment with her vet for tomorrow... I will let you know what is going on.....I'm just a little confused because sometimes she acts fineand plays and stuff and other times she just lays around and just doesn't want to be bothered.....
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Yes, please let us know what the vet sais. The upper respitory infections usually do not stop them dead in their tracts unless it is real serious. Sometimes kittens bring home germs and not show signs of it. It is the only thing I can think of since it is the only way she could have gotten anything. Most cats from catteries have been exposed to many of the viruses. I hope she feels better and will be waiting to see what the vet sais.
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well, we went to the vet yesterday and they did a feline health panel,,that's a complete blood work up... all of the results came back today except for one that was for some type of parasite which is probably going to be negative ,,, she was negative for feline aids , feline lukemia, F.I.P. and everything else they tested for...her white blood is normal eberything was good...She still doesn't eat like she usually does ...I have 2 questions maybe some one has had this same experience with their cat,,, that could possibly help me out here,,, is it possible that she is so jealous of the new kitten that she could be like this ??my other question is if she is in heat could that make her act in this manner also??? I would appreciate any inputs on this matter.... Thanks...
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Well, yes the hunger strike could be jealousy. Cats sometimes react to stress in different ways. You did say something about sniffles though. So, it could teater between cold or stress, maybe a combination. Heat cycles effect cats a little different. Most cats though, get very affectionate and raise their rumps alot. Are the cats getting along okay? It sounds like your vet is doing a good investigation, so let us know what they say when all the results are in.
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yes, she does have the sniffles too and when she meows she sounds hoarse,,the cats get along pretty good the kitten wants to play alot and she gets aggravated with him when he keeps after her but she doesn't hurt him,,, actually I have been keeping them separated because I'm not sure yet what she has the kitten can catch or not,,,she does seem to act a little better to me,,,maybe the antibiotics are good for her...the vet gave her a shot of antibiotics and vitamin b12 to build up her appetite...she seems to be a little better today she just still isn't eating as good as normal yet......and I have to give her the antibiotics twice a day for a week.....
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Well, we got all the results back from the tests and the vet said everything is perfect ....So, he seems to think that she has some kind of sinus infection,, I've noticed the last few days when she meows she sounds real hoarse and I told him that and he said that it is understandable because of the congestion she has in her throat... So, he also gave me antibiotics to give to the kitten to prevent him from getting the same thing...So, I think she is going to be just fine....Thanks for your help.....
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I am so happy to hear she got an okay from the vet. You know, cats also have allergies. I hate to bring it up a lot because people will assume everything is okay when it potentially may not be. My Persian has a problem with certain things in the house. He will sneeze his butt off, but then he is fine after ahwile. I am sure she will be back to her old self in no time!!
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