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Saki playing fetch! - VIDEO

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Ok lets hope this works.. if not I will have to have Kim help me.

This was back in October.. Saki playing fetch! He still plays fetch to this day

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OK, I can't see it - says its loaded then it says "closed".
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LOL I love it! Reminds me of squirrel and I playing fetch!
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Love it!
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It worked for me, that is sooo cute!!!
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I love it!
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Yay!!! Thanks everyone!
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Awww Sicy that is too cute!!
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That was so cute that I just had to watch it a second time.
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Now I want to see the one of you dancing!!!
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That's so cute.

Saki has the same strut that Russell has after he fetches a mouse.
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Originally posted by hissy
Now I want to see the one of you dancing!!!
lol! That's Sunday That one is going to be a challange. There are 12 girls and we are all spaced out. The song is 2:36 long.. the file is going to be like 8 mb and probly terrible quality once we transfer it from vhs. But dont worry.. you will see it one way or another
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that's perfect! I absolutely love it! What a sweetie!
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Great video, and Saki is adorable.
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That is sooo cute!!! Thanks for sharing Sicy.

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OMG how cute

I want to see you dancing too
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Finally switched computers and I can see it now!

How totally cute your boy is!!
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Thank you, and some of you probably remember this one of Zoey doing flips

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both of those videos are so cute. Rocket tries to play fetch, he brings you the toy and will run after it when you throw it, but doesn't seem to grasp that you need to bring the toy back after it's thrown. He will run after it, and then run back to me without it!
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awesome! I thought Buffy didn't do fetch, but when i saw an actual cat doing fetch, I now realize that Buffy does it too. I throw her toy, she goes running for it, and brings it back. She doesn't drop it and look up at me, waiting for me to throw it, but she always brings it back. Well, most of the time...
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oh, and buffy does the flip thing too. Swing a toy back and forth, and she'll jump for it. She can actually go really high, like waist high, and does a backflip in the process. Its so fun to watch! The perfect toy for it though, the mouse-on-a-string-attached-to-a-pole is missing... and she loved that toy ever so much...
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that is the cutest thing i've ever seen!!! i just had to tell ya
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I can't see them
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so cute, I wish my kitty played fetch.
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That's adorable. Simba fetches, too.
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They are neat, Sicy! Thanks for sharing.
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Awwwwwww so cute
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Great clips! I can imagine Saki fetching and wanting it thrown again and again and again! LOL
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He does!! He gets mad and impatient if we dont LOL. He'll sit there and just meow and meow until we throw it again. He never gets tired of them.

Only problem is he loses them !! He pushes them under the couch, and behind things so we always have to keep pulling more mice out I just ordered 12 of them off ebay for him lol.
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