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I imagine the lawsuit has already been started. I would say there isn't enough $$$ to cover the mental anquish.
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OMG hope the restaurant doesn't start serving finger sandwiches now!
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Oh my God! I would have lost it if that happened to me! The thought of her having that piece of fingertip in her mouth literally made me gag.
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That made me feel sick to the stomach! I am disgusted.
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Gives whole new meaning, to the term "finger bowl".

Also reminds me of an old joke:

Q: Should chicken be eaten with the fingers?

A: No, the fingers should be eaten seperately.
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Guess this gives a whole new meaning to "finger licking good!"
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Does anyone remember hearing about that lady that found a used condom in her soup or something like that? I think I'll learn to cook thank you..
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Now wouldn't you think they would have kept searching until they found what happened to the guy's finger tip? Geesh. They deserve to be sued.
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I will never be able to eat in another restuarant without thoroughly sifting through my food. My gosh I would have thrown up right then and there. This makes my stomach flip flop every time I think about it...YUK YUK YUK. It wouldnt be so bad had she not chewed on it!!! Good god.
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ICK!ICK!ICK! I just finished a salad from W**dys! OMG! I'd have thrown up there and then!(shudders) that gave me goosebumps to even think about putting that in my mouth...
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Now that is just nasty! Eeewww! I would've been arguing with somebody.

One of my manager's friends found one of those acrylic nails in her pizza from Pizza Hut. When she told me that, I wanted to puke.... just imagining biting into your pizza and asking yourself, "What is this crunchy thing?!". Yuck!
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