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Scared of horses

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I have been working on the horse farm all day and will be in the summer months.

One problem, I am a little scared of the horses - granted they are really friendly and harmless, it is just a fear of mine, ever since I fell off a horse when I was 14.

How do I overcome my fear? I am going to have to get used to them because I'll be feeding them sometimes.

Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks!
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Sounds like fun Kellye. Sorry I have no advice for you, but wish you the best of luck.
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First of all Kellye, horses are not harmless. They can spook at a moment's notice and they can hurt you the minute you let your guard down, be it you on their back or standing on the ground.

I don't fear horses, I do however respect them and I am very careful when I am around them because they can be unpredictable. I would ask the owners if you can groom the gentlest of the horses to start out with. When you do groom them, you want to stand as close to them as possible, so if they do act out, you won't get hurt because you will be like a second skin to them.

When mine were babies, I was always going behind them and standing hugging their rump practically and laying my hands on their back just to get them used to me being back there. Always talk to the horses when you are around them so they can be 100% aware of where you are at all times.

Respecting them keeps you safe. There is a horse video being given out for free if you email me, I will send you the link, it is about horse safety put out by Clint Anderson a Aussie horse trainer who I fully respect and have seen a few of his clinics. I think it might help you know what you need to do.

Good luck with your job, it really is relaxing to work around horses-
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We have 2 horses. They don't like me much, so I can't give you any advice. I always get bitten
Good luck with the job though, I hope it turns out well.

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I've never owned horses, so I can't help, but Hissy's advice sounds great and she is very good with horses! I hope it all works out!
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Thanks Hissy, I won't be working directly with them, just in the pastures. They follow me everywhere and thats what scares me.
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LOL Probably several reasons for that. They are very people oriented, and their owners visit with treats in their pockets,or their owners let them get away with murder, such as some horse owners let their horses push their heads against them and rub them knocking them almost off their feet. My guys are friendly, but I would never allow them to use me as a scratching post!

What are you going to be doing in the pasture? Perhaps you can just put a mound of hay out before you work and sprinkle the mound with a little bit of grain and they will be preoccupied with other things while you are out there. I would also invest in a riding crop and keep it with you at all times- use it as an extension of your arm and if a horse is getting to close, pivot sharply- hold out the crop (don't smack the horse) and tell the horse to hold. But if you do this, make sure you are no where near the back feet, because a horse can kick and reach a long way. I carry a crop with me all the time, because my horses get a bit to nosey and I use it to establish the fact that when I am in the pasture, I AM ALPHA they are not. Again, I do not smack them or hit them unless they are really acting out, I use it to make my arm longer and to establish the space I need to work safely.
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The advise that Hissy gave you sounds like it should help. I ride, but don't have my own horse. The first things I learned was how to walk a horse, and if you do that, make sure you are next to the horse's shoulder and not in front of them. Or else they might step on you (not intentionally).
But really horses are great. I love being around them and don't fear them a bit. Hopefully, you'll get used to them in time too.
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