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Friday Daily Thread

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Hey everybody! TGIF!

I have been extremely busy the last few days and haven't been on the boards and I wanted to see how everyone was doing!! I am having my mom's bridal shower tomorrow! We have 14 people coming so far! A couple of co-workers and I are also having a surprise lingerie shower for a girl in my office on Monday during lunch...this should be fun! I am doing pretty well in my classes and have midterms next week! The only downfall I had this week was my father--he is angry with me for reasons that are not my fault (his problems from past)and he basically told me not to ever call him again, which means I can't see my sisters. I hope this passes and he comes to his senses...I really love my dad but he needs to get over the past (I believe he is still bitter with my mom getting remarried). Anywho--have to write a paper for philosophy now!

Have a great weekend!!
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Candie, that's sad that your dad is taking his anger out on you. I hope you and your dad make up real soon! Have fun at the bridal shower.

I just woke up and am going to have a lazy day today, at 5PM I'm getting picked up by Ian and we're going to go and pick up jess from the Edge Fest(Musical Festival) and then going to see Ian's(My mum's ex) new dog,Pearl. Tomorrow I have a cat meeting.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.
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Friday friday friday......We have to take Neko back to the vet, he started coughing and his eyes are runny. Then we are going to go grocery shopping, then come home and clean...yay!
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Pizza and beer!!! love Fridays....
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Ugh. Been studying desperately all day. Having my final exam tomorrow, have two books to read. Already did the 400 pages on the history of the English language, but the grammar book I don't think I'll finish in time... I mean, a 470-paged introduction to English grammar! Ugh!!! There's no way I'll remember all that stuff, even if I stayed up all night to read it all. Will just have to try and find the main points in there somewhere.

At least it'll be over after tomorrow, just hoping I'll pass, really don't want to study for it again. Hope all of you have had a more interesting day!
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Our nasty weather is finally blowing out of here. By noon, the sun actually came out!

My trip to the dentist, yesterday, wasn't as bad as I feared: just an exam and X-rays. The sado-masochistic stuff is next week. I have to have a full-mouth debridement, which means that I will be on liquids, for a few days. After that, there are three cavities, that have to be filled. I'm paying, for all of my years of dentist-phobia.
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