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Good news!!!!!!!

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I start work the 22 ed of March at $8.00 a hour! Ted is being taken on by the company he was temp. at~ At a $$ 7.25 at a raise of a dollar and a quarter .Maybe I can start to breath eaiser.
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Tickled pink for you Sherral ! Thats great news !
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I'm so happy for both of you, Sherral! That's very good news, and I hope you enjoy your jobs. Congratulations!
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Sherral that is just fantastic!!!!! Congrats to both of you! I sure hope this means that these rough times are behind you.
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That's wonderful to hear Sherral. I hope everything is Okay with the kids and the cats.

I'll continue to think good thoughts for you and the family.
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Good to hear! I'm so happy things are going better for you!
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Yeah! That's great!
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That's fantastic Sherral!
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Congrats! That's wonderful news Sherral!
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