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Their first hurdle is the Senate.  Democrats have 33 up for re-election and 10 of them are from States that voted for Trump.  The Democrat from Ohio is up and I know that Sen McCaskill from Missouri is up.  Even though Missouri is pretty red she usually she has no problem getting elected.  Sen Sherrod Brown from Ohio is up for re-election.  I think he is safe.  He is actually up there as one of the most progressive Senators but he doesn't come off that way.  He has a working man way about him.  He often rides the Metro in D.C.  He was, believe it or not, an Eagle Scout.  The Republicans tried really hard to knock him off the first time he ran for re-election 4 years ago and he was fine.  


It has to start at the grass roots, state legislative seats and governorships.  Each state is different.  I think that the Democrats at the National level have to realize that each state is different.  A Democrat in a red state will need to run differently than a Democrat in a deep blue state.  Doesn't mean they are somehow traitors they just have to  run differently.

Here are a couple of articles on the challenges of 2018


IMO, two things need to happen rightawayquick:

1.  the Democratic National Committee needs to get their stuff together and clean their closets, so when it's time, the boots on the ground have worthy political party and viable candidates to champion and promote.

2. finding ways to engage the other 67.5% of eligible voters that did not vote in the 2016 primaries, and get them to the polls in 2018

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Fine, I should probably check things out instead of relying on the memories of the older women in my family tongue.gif. It was credit, and it was 1974 not late 70s: "1974: Equal Credit Opportunity Act passes in the US. Until then, banks required women to bring a man along to cosign any credit application, regardless of their income. They would also discount the value of those wages when considering how much credit to grant, by as much as 50%"

Not that the details are the most important thing, the point being thst women have been considered inferior and unable to have control over their own lives until very very recently. It's a precarious situation and could change quickly.
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I definitely can't agree with "any means necessary" wink.gif. I do not wish to be downsized, lol. But definitely, long-lasting effective birth control needs to be easier to get.
Um, all of them? Did you know that women in the US couldn't have their own bank accounts (without a male co-signer) until sometime in the late '70s? The right to make financial decisions for ourselves, the right to not be beaten or raped by a boyfriend/husband, the right to make medical decisions for ourselves (not just reproductively; doctors used to have husbands make medical decisions for their wives), the right to have any job and get paid the same for it (OK, equal pay isn't law yet actually!), the right to be treated as an actual human being who is capable of making decisions about our own lives, basically. Those rights were fought for, long and hard, by the women who came before us. And we all know that it just takes some fool with a pen to sign all those rights away.

Trump has already cut funding for federal grants to domestic abuse charities :/.

I personally had my first bank acct in 1974 and I had no male co-signer.  I had never personally heard of women not being able to  have their own bank acct and I was born in 1956.

I think it depended on the bank.  Now, that kind of discrimination would be illegal.


I used to have long hair.  Really long hair (I could sit on it).  When I decided to get it cut short so that I could wear a bicycle helmet more comfortably, the young woman at Great Clips made me bring a note from my husband saying it was okay.  This was in the late 70s or early 80s.  I'm sure that was just her, not company policy, and I'm pretty sure that some angry husband or boyfriend must have threatened her, but I'm also sure that it wouldn't happen today.



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You all are going to get me started on women's rights. I grew up in the 1950s, and let me tell you, it was bad. There were only four occupations open to women: secretary, nurse, teacher, and airline stewardess. They weren't called flight attendants; they were stewardesses. If they got married, they were fired, so there were a lot of secret marriages among stewardesses. They had to be of a certain height and weight, and were weighed in every time they flew. Most companies, like IBM, did not hire women. Married women who got pregnant were expected to resign or were fired; men whose wives had a baby were given a raise "because he has another mouth to feed."


I signed up for a class in physics in high school, and on the first day, the teacher told the four of us girls that he would get rid of us by Christmas. Girls were raised to be wives and mothers. Look at the advertising of the time suggesting men give the little woman a vacuum for Christmas.


I looked up divorce laws in an annual almanac when I was a teenager because my parents' marriage was tumultuous. In my state, the law said that women were considered chattel property, owned by their husbands. Divorce was nearly impossible, and the husband usually got the children.


If you haven't seen the movie, Mona Lisa Smile, get it from the library or Netflix to see what life in the '50s was really like for women.


We've come a long way, baby.

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I have been looking up reaction to pulling out of the TPP.  Bernie Sanders, union leaders and even the Huffington Post is elated


Republicans and groups like the Chamber of Commerce not so much.  He is definitely for all practical purposes a third party President, neither Republican or Democrat.

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