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Go! Natural law suits

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I just read a class action suit filed by animal owners against Go! Natural pet food. There have several animal deaths which are being attributed to this food. The animals had a variety of symptoms but one was jaundice with liver failure. Beware of this brand. To read more, put Go! Natural in a search engine and read about this class action suit brought by animal owners against the company manufacturing Go! Natural. Foundation pet food is made by the same company, Petcurean.
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I found a story about this here: http://www.lieffcabraser.com/pet-food-recall.htm

I think it's terrible that these cats and dogs had to suffer and die. I hope their owners win the lawsuit.
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Updates: Voluntary Recall
USA Customers only
Thurs, November 06, 2003

Voluntary Recall Background
Date of Voluntary recall: October 22, 2003.

Product Recalled: All Go! Natural dog and cat food manufactured in the USA.

All recalled product removed and quarantined within two days of announcement.

Public and veterinary community where recalled product was sold was notified via Petcurean media campaign.

Petcurean received numerous calls from consumers within the same geographical areas, whose pets have never fed Go Natural and have experienced liver related issues or liver failure.

All cases being reviewed to date are in California only.

Canadian made product is completely unaffected.

Go Natural has been manufactured in Canada for over 4 years and is a leading brand with consumers for performance and outstanding quality. During this period there has not been one reported case of a sick or ill pet from feeding Go Natural in the Canadian market.

Petcurean has tested a cross section of dogs that have been fed Go Natural for approximately 4 years in Canada. Medical results performed by an independent veterinarian indicated that all the pets tested were extremely healthy with no ill effects.

Testing of Product, Ingredient Suppliers, etc.

Entities participating in testing recalled products: US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), University of Michigan, University of Missouri, University of California at Davis, Woodsen-Tenant (Independent lab).

Type of tests performed to date on recalled product: salmonella, e-coli, bacterial, toxin, heavy metals (as well as: copper, zinc and iron).

Petcurean and Independent firms are also investigating Ingredient suppliers, end user storage, cross contamination points, along with the manufacturing plant.

The information gathered to date and expert opinions support that this case is an isolated incident:

Incidences are within a small geographical area.

Number of confirmed cases, are a fraction of 1% of total production.

Description of Test Samples and Results

Product under test: all U.S. manufactured lot numbers pertaining to recalled product, composite retained samples from manufacturer, and samples from consumers.

All testing completed to date has shown no product abnormalities.

Testing on all batches continues.

Test for heavy metal deposits and mineral supplements in question have shown all levels well within AAFCO standards.

FDA Involvement

The FDA is gathering and testing batch samples, product from store shelves and recalled product from the local distribution level.

Results are being formalized.
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