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Leo and Courage

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We would like to introduce Leo and Courage to all of you. They both are about 5 months old and are brothers from the same litter.
I was a bit concerned first when my wife suggest two kittens, but now that we've had them with us for the last 2 months, I see the sense it it. They each have someone to play with when either I, Tracey, or our sons can not.
The are easy to tell apart when they talk to us, as Leo is a high saprano, and Courage could easily sing Baritone anywhere.
We are wondering what kind of cats they are, (other than Short Haired Orange Cat, my made up breed ), but we're guessing they are American Wire Hair.
Both of them have golden eyes that tend to nail you against the wall when they stare

Sorry the pic is blurry as we have to get some better photo's scanned.
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They look gorgeous, and welcome to the site! To me they just look domestic short hair, but I am not an expert!
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Welcome to the site! Leo and Courage are cuties!
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Welcome to TCS to you all.

They are cuties.
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Welcome to TCS. Both kitties are sweeties. The look like DSH to me as well.
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Welcome to the site Andy and Tracey, and not forgetting little Leo and Courage!!.

You've picked a great site to be on!

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Welcome! I can just imagine Leo and Courage doing a meowlodious duet!
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Welcome, welcome.

You are so lucky.....Orange tabbies are the BEST!!!!!
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Nice to meet you ! You will love this site!

Your babies are adorable! Looks like they have dad wrapped around their finger; or paw you might say.
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Your kitties are very cute, Shorthaired Domestics definitly!
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Welcome Andytracey2004 to TCS! Your little kittens are very cute! And kudos to your wife for suggesting two...it definitely is a good decision. Plus there's more to love!
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Welcome to TCS - Your kitties are adorble
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