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Basil-- The ice skating fool

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Having lost our Bunmarie back in October a new cat entered our life Dec. 27 of last year. We had just come back from a Christmas party and were getting ready to go to bed. My wife asked if Tonka, our oldest cat, was in the house or outside. I said he was in and looked out on the deck. There was a skinny little cutie crying. Naturally he became part of the family after kicking some butt. Small but wiry he is. After getting "fixed" he started to calm down and blend in with Tonka and Iggy. On 2 occasions, one just last night, Basil has got himself wrapped up in a set of ice skates we have as winter decorations in the gameroom. Last night about 4AM he came flying up from downstairs with the laces wrapped around himself, I think. After crashing the ice skate off doors, coffee table etc, he got loose. Think that's the end of story ....guess again. Iggy who must have been downstairs got so scared he jumped onto a cupboard in the laundry room and then up into the joists above the furnace. Needless to say, whenever you are awakened by crashing items like we were, we thought the world was coming to an end. Now Iggy is above the furnace with the flooring nails right above him. He is so scared it took me about 1 hour to get him down. Oh, did I forget to tell you he is pure white. Not any longer he isn't. Just to let you know, everything is ok and the skates are now in the attic.
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Oh my! Glad everyone was OK, if a bit traumatized. I'm sure he's happy to have his arch-nemesis, the ice skates, put away now!

P.S. Moving this out to the Lounge.
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It's amazing how many apparently harmless things there are in the average house, that are actually lying in wait for poor unsuspecting innocent kitties to happen by -- and what a spirited chase they put up until the resourceful kitty manages to give them the slip. Glad everyone survived the ordeal with nothing more than an elevated heart rate.
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