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Is this what we have to look forward to?

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Seniors Brawl After Salad Bar Dispute

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. (March 4) - A dispute at the salad bar turned into a food fracas at an upscale retirement home, with a man taking a bite out of another's arm and other residents suffering minor injuries.

Police said resident Lee Thoss, 62, of the Spring Haven Retirement Community was picking through the lettuce, which disgusted 86-year-old William Hocker, who was standing in line behind him.

Hocker told Thoss no one wanted to eat food he had been playing with. Thoss yelled and cursed at him, Hocker told police, and Hocker called him a nasty name. Then, witnesses said, Thoss then began punching Hocker in the face.

In the buffet melee that followed, Allen Croft, 79, tried to grab Thoss, who bit him on the arm, reports said.

Thoss' mother, Arlene, in her 80s and also a Spring Haven resident, jumped in to break up the fight and ended up with a cut arm. Harry Griffin, 92, was standing at the salad bar and cut his head when he was knocked to the ground.

"All the old folks were either getting up to help or trying to get out of there," police spokesman J.J. Stanton said of the scene last Sunday in the well-appointed dining room, which features an ice cream bar and a pastry chef.

Arlene Thoss, Croft and Griffin were treated at a local hospital and released.

Stanton said all involved declined to press charges, but home administrators have asked Lee Thoss to move out.
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Hee, hee, sounds like something my 95 year old grandfather would be involved in !
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THAT is what happens at an upscale retirement home??????!! LOL!!!
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oh how funny . I hope I don't get like this LMAO
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Potential headline: OLD FARTS' FOOD FIGHT
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I would have loved to see them at it!.

Love your headline Cindy!, i crack up when i see or hear that word, my husband used to say i had 'Toilet Humour'-OK, so?

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There must have been something in the water yesterday! The news this morning had a report on a fist fight in a retirement community over new owner rules. Some of the members want to change the owner rules to stip that new owners must belong to the community club...kinda like a condo association. While they were being interviewed, 2 70 yr old men started swinging at each other.

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That cracked me up!

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