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Kingdom Hospital

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Did any of you watch it last night? Stephen King's latest creation. I am not surprised he put that jogging scene in it.

Did any of you enjoy it? I had a little bit of a hard time really getting into it and following it, but I guess I will watch it more as it goes along and see if it gets any better.
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With 13 parts to it, I passed on watching. I watched the first 15 minutes and found it boring and turned it off.
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Well, I'm a huge King fan, but I have to say that I was less than impressed with it. I watched for about 45min, and gave up. I wish they could make a set of movies like LOTR from his Dark Tower(Roland the Gunslinger) series. Now THAT would be interesting !
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i would love to see a dark tower TV series!! i read an interview with king and he said he is hesitant to do it, but if he did he would want to choose a really good director and have it aired on HBO so nothing would be cut out (language, violence, etc.)
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I to love King's stuff but I started watching it and just couldn't get into it. My SO on the other hand was really into it!! I will keep watching it just to see if it gets any better.
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I watched it and a bit confused but im going to continue to watch
the series because im a HUGE fan of Stephen King
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I completely forgot all about it, but I plan to try watching the series so I can form my own opinion.

EDIT: I found a Kingdom Hospital website. http://kingdomhospitalofmaine.com/ Maybe it will be more scary later in the series?
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I watched it, was a bit confused, but being the huge "King" fan that I am, will watch again next week...it looks like it will get better. It will run for 16 weeks then turn into a series is what I read.
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I wanted to, but I think I got distracted with the kids, and forgot or something....
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I am a Stephen King fan, but he fell short in this endevor, I thought,
His stuff used to be kinda scary, but this was just plain boring to me!
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I finally watched this program for the first time last night. I know different parts of the program were supposed to be scary, but I thought they were really lame. I don't think I'll watch again.
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I decided last night I wasn't going to watch it anymore. It sucks.
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