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Taxes Question re Donations

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So the animal rescue group that we work with is a non-profit, and as I understand it, we can deduct direct monetary donations to them as well as the value of animal crates/traps that we've donated directly to their group.

However, how about the expenses we've incurred for ferals/strays that we've cared for and then given to them for adoption???

For example, we've incurred vet costs, caretaking expenses, etc..., for our feral colony, only to turn the cats over to their group for adopting-out (minus the ones we released).

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I believe that if you paid for the vet expense while they were under the sponsorship of the organization, then paying the vet bill would be considered a tax donation. But, if you took care of them, then offered them up for adoption, then it is not tax deductible. It's a fine line, but they should initiate some level of paperwork once they are under their sponsorship. The laws in Missouri require that level of paperwork.

My suggestion is that if you have ferals that you absolutely know you are going to socialize and adopt out, get them into the program right away.

Don't know if you realized this, but you can deduct 14 cents a mile for any travel to and from volunteer work. So if you are fostering and bringing them up to an adoption clinic each week, your trip is covered, but keep a detailed journal of these activities.

If you adopt from a non-profit, you can't claim the donation for the animal itself, unless you donate an amount over their adoption fees.

(I read the tax laws closely this year)
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