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The Apprentice

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I am so embarressed to admit that I really like this show. I mean I avoid reality tv, except for American Idol, but this is fun. And some real challenges. And I actually have to admit, I kind of like (gasp) Trumps style! He's clear, but at times kind. And I feel there is a message that you have to have SOME ethics to win, as in he punishes those that don't work well with a team.

I think that southern guy is a front runner now obviously.
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I like the show too
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Definitely a good show. I'm hooked! I've been watching it from the beginning. I think it will between Troy and Amy....I LOVE Troy's country charm....he'd a good team player and has EXCELLENT skills!
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Omorosa needs to go! I am so hooked on the show, there is a thread about this show somewhere on here, but it is really short (if I remember right)
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Troy looks like the real winner NOW, but as with all these shows who knows what is up. But he is smart and a good leader.

Omarosa annoys me but they may keep her on for a bit longer to keep things interesting.
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YAY!!! Omarosa is gone! I couldn't stand her....I can't believe that she walked in on Donald's private meeting...the NERVE!!! She deserves to be gone, but I can't wait until next week. Who do you think will get fired? My guess is either Amy, Kwame, or Katrina.
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omarossa bothered me from the very beginning!! i am glad she's gone. i think the winner will either be nick or amy
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I was glad to see Omarosa go too. I didn't like Tammy either and was glad when she got the boot! I don't think Heidi is going to make it. If her team loses next week I think she'll be the one to go. She kind of bugs Trump and he pretty much admitted it tonight. And did you catch her childish remark to him as she was walking out of the board room? She was trying to be cute but I think it rubbed Trump even more the wrong way.
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There was a telling Omarosa moment early on, she was walking out of the hotel and said hello to the doorman, all smiles looking right at him, and then MINUTE she got by him she went into a nose in the air frown. She DID think she was superior to everyone like Trump said. Her statement in the limo was so phoney! Ugh!
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I can't believe she showed such disrespect to Mr. Trump by walking into the board room unannounced! I am glad she got fired, and lordy that artist they chose- yikes!!

Poor Leah she was clearly the one artist they should have gone with she had talent-
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I was happy to see Omerosa go too. How unprofessional was it to start crying and walk into the board room before she was called in. She knew she was getting the boot.

Heidi needs to go next. She has no class, but at least she isn't letting her personal life (her mother) get in the way of her job. I couldn't believe Omerosa over reacting over the little bit of plaster that hit her head like 3 weeks ago.

I can't wait to see who wins. I think it might be Amy. She hasn't been in the board room once.

Donald Trump signed up for 2 more seasons!!!
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Hissy, I loved the artist they picked. That one picture that sold was so cute of the kitten. I would have bought some of her work if I could afford it. I've always been into the weird and creepy things.
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I think Omarosa's trying to say it was a concusion reallly pushed Trumps buttons. I mean that is a serious thing to say and I know she didn't get a diagnosis. Ihave worked with people who overly worked health issues. And it's touchy cause you can't appear unconcerned as a manager. So it makes it basically amoral to lie about your problem. I wonder if she attempted a
suit against Trump for injury...? I will bet she did, but I am sure he is smart enough to make them sign a clause.

I know Nick (I think that's his name) did well last night, but he has also blown it. So things can change, I say it's between Troy, Nick and Aimee though if *I* were going to have one run my company.
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When she said that about the concussion I had to laugh. Mike leaned over and asked me what she would have done if she had to have dealt with the concussion I had last year. I got tossed off my horse during a spook and landed with my head hitting the woodpile. THAT was a concussion- what she got was nothing but a piece of plaster falling on her head. Besides, she never even sought a doctor out, and she was playing basketball during the time they were renovating the apartment. I think she is just a snob.
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AMEN Sister!
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I also laughed at her so-called two-week old concussion! HAHA! I'm glad she's gone. I think Amy may be a good team player, but I haven't seen her as a stand out person, and I know this could just be because of editing....perhaps they need to make her a PM agaim to convince me...the whole advertising phallic idea that the women came up with that week won over the guys, but lets face it...their's were lame. I think it will be Katrina or Heidi to go next week. I hope so because Heidi is unprofessional, and Katrina acts like a spoiled brat...blaming everyone else when something goes wrong. We'll see.
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I LOVE this show!!! I was so glad to see Omarosa gone this week!!! I think Heidi needs to go too...I feel bad about her mother, but I just don't like her at all. I think Amy may win...she has played the game the best so far. Am I the only one who thinks she looks exactly like Sharon Stone??
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She does look like Sharon Stone! I never noticed that before!!!

Looking forward to next weeks as well as the live final on April 15th.
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Ahhh, i saw Omarosa on Leno last night! She was defensive and obnoxious there too! Leno and Tom Arnold were trying to be straight with her and she was SAYING she was having fun with it but you could tell she was annoyed. BUT I will hand it to her, she said her grandmother got on her case about her behavior and she took it heart. She is so full of herself for having worked for Clinton and Gore. I think she's younger than she looks.
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I saw Omarosa on the Today show Friday morning. She tried to say she isn't like what they pictured her as on the Apprentice. But then she acted just the same way!! What a snob. She just thinks she is above anyone else.

Apparently she did go to the E.R. and saw a doctor about her "concussion." I could hear a law suit coming. She said, "I can't believe they had us on a construction site without hard hats."
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Well I am sure The Donald has been sued before. She is a real piece of work!
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crap she had better watch it cause I mean who would hire her? She is obviously vindictive as hell. Clinton Gore aren't hiring jointly anymore! She'd better be careful and make some friends!
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I love this show! I missed a few of the episodes in the middle, I think 3-6 but I saw last weeks. I was so glad to see Omarosa gone. She really irritated me the week they were selling water and she kept screwing up and talking about the money part even after she repeatedly agreed not to. I wanted to kick her under the table too!

Im thinking Katrina or Heidi will be gone next week, and thats fine with me. Im not impressed with either one of them. Then I think Bill will go. Hes not all that great really. I think Troy, Kwame or Nick would be good choices. I cant wait to see who wins
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Originally posted by hissy
Well I am sure The Donald has been sued before. She is a real piece of work!
I agree... she is a real piece of..... work! You should have seen her on the Today show. When she said that statement about a construction site and hard hats. I mean it was so obvious what she was getting at. And give me a break. A construction site?? It was a freaking remodel job! How many people wear hard hats when remodeling their apartment or house? Not me! Sheesh.
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Originally posted by mzjazz2u
[b]I saw Omarosa on the Today show Friday morning. She tried to say she isn't like what they pictured her as on the Apprentice. But then she acted just the same way!! What a snob. She just thinks she is above anyone else.

Well, maybe, since she's gone, I can really watch the show instead of just glancing at it!!!!
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