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Building a Cat Tree

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Well, my family has been thinking of getting Anastasia a cat tree. Not a very big one, but so that she has another place to be cozy at.

But when we actually started looking around for one, someone could find something they would like to change.

So this is how my father-daughter project began. At first I thought I wanted to do this whole complicated design, with lots of little houses and things.

Then when my dad and I actually started planning a design, my dad had a really good idea. To make something in between a bed stand and a cat tree. Then if Anastasia really liked sleeping there, she would be right next to my bed every night.

So we went to the store, got boards, nails, screws, and carpet and began.

Now we are almost done doing it and I can't believe how good it looks. There's is a big cube sort of thing that's a house, with a little shelf at the top where I could put a reading book or something. Then off of that are 3 climbing posts, wrapped in rope that are good for clawing. On top of that is a triangular house that has an opened wall and 2 around it.

I am enjoying spending time with my dad and now have my very own custom cat tree.

Just thought I would share with you guys, since I haven't been around too often lately. There will be pictures of the finished result very soon. Tell me what you think.
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My father is quite handy as well. When I originally set out to find a cat tree I was quite put off by the prices. I was going to design one, and my father was going to make it. But I couldn't settle on a design and ended up breaking down and buying one for just under $200.

Well it's starting to pull apart now in my kitty's favourite scratching spots. Next time I think I'll definitly work on the project with my father instead of shelling out the big bucks. Now I know what features my kitty does and doesn't take advantage of. This time I'd like to make the post out of an actual tree trunk. I think that would be quite cool. Your story is encouraging.
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It's great how you can do everything exactly how you want it. And now that I know Anastasia inside and out I think we designed a cat tree that she'll like. Even though it's simple, it's a lot of hard work, and now that we know how to build one, later on we could work on something more complex.

I think it's a great project to do with a relative, it takes a lot of time, so there's an excuse for spending time together. If you do make one with your father, I'd love to hear about it and maybe see some pictures.
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Gosh! I was thinking almost the same thing the other day... I thought it'd be awesome if I could somehow convert a bedposts(headboard or footboard) into a scratching post and somehow create "catwalk" around the bed using the bedposts.

Unfortunately, I have no access to tools which would be needed for this and my dear dad is MILES and MILES and MILES away in another state. But I'm keeping it in mind- someday... I will somehow find a way to make a scratching post out of a bedpost and also add catwalks to the top of the bedposts. I think that would be fun for my cats AND I can lay in bed and watch them do their antics on top of my bedposts/catwalks!!

When u are done with ur project, pls do post pics! It sounds awesome..

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And now for the pictures! It's actually one very big picture with a whole bunch of pictures put together.

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VERY NICE!! U guys did a GREAT job!
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hey, if you ever get bored with it, or you don't want it anymore, send it over this way! My kitties would sure enjoy it, and I'm too lazy to make one myself, of that caliber anyway
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Thanks Pamela, I like how it turned out too.

Aussie_Dog, well, if Anastasia ever does get tired of it, I'll be sure to send it over to your kitties. But this cat tree is her best friend! That's the only place where she claws and sleeps now.
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