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Cat home

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My wife and I will be moving in to our new home in a few weeks. It is a place that we have had to do a lot of refurbishing. Before we are done, I've given a lot of thought of making room for our two 5 month old cats, Leo and Courage. Specifically, climbing ramps and stairs leading up towards the celing, with ledges running around the room so that they would have also extra room to run around and play. Does any one know of some plans or ideas like this that might be on line to give me a better idea of how to build this (if I just run out to the hardware store and get boards and nails, my wife might be the one that starts hissing and spitting at me! ).

Andy & Tracey
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I think it's a wonderful idea you have! Your kitties will love it!

I don't know of any plans, per se, but this is a company that produces something very similar to what you are describing. This can at least give you some solid ideas that are known to work for your project. http://www.katwallks.com/
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That is so cool of you! Can you swing by my house when you are done and build some here???? I don't have a picture, but someone at my humane society built a "tree" in their house. It is actually a tree (4 inch trunk) on a wood base, and branches that are bolted into the walls and ceilings. They cut out all the small twigs and only left sturdy branches.

Welcome to TCS. We'd love to see pics when you are done with your construction!
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Val thanks for posting that link.. it reminds me that I have wanted to order some for my monsters lol.
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I loved this book, The Cats' House . It's got lots of pictures and ideas, but no instructions. It's just more of an idea book.

There are a few other ones out there, but I didn't like them as much. The cat structures integrate with the house and looks very art-like.
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I loved this site for ideas! It's also got precut steps and near-ceiling walkways and "lofts" that you can install yourself. They've got over-door items & accessories for them (like pillows, etc.) - just really cool for at least ideas (if not purchasing). www.iroquoisinnovations.com

Happy Hunting!
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Ok am I insane? I just ordered 3 Katwalks! lol!! Saki is going to love it, I know it.
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No you are not insane, my cats love them as well, we have them up in the cat room.
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Really?? I didnt think anyone here had them! Pics please
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I'm still working on my husband. He has this quaint notion that the house is ours, not our cats'.
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When I was watching a show on Animal Planet today, they did a segment on a couple who had 11 cats. Their entire house had cat walks linking every room in the house together. Looked pretty cool. The hot pink steps leading from the floor to the cat walk reminded me of one cat commercial on tv. I cannot remember the product they were selling in the commercial though!!
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Thanks for all the replies! It's helped given me some ideas indeed. We have a support beam that runs the length of the living room, and I'm actually thinking of having a board hanging down from it that runs the length of it, just so that when people come over and see Leo and Courage walking on it and ask what it is......I'll tell them it's a Catwalk of course, silly!

Andy & Tracey
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It is a brilliant idea, Heidi mentioned something similar when i was after suggestions for Rosies birthday next week.
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They had a program like that in the UK Miss Charlotte a couple of weeks ago. If it is the same one this couple lived in a bungalow and had walk ways for the cats and holes cut into the walls so the cats didnt even have to put one foot on the floor. It was absolutely bril. Ramps and even a 'chill out' space. Awesome
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What a cool idea!

I'd love to see pics.
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