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Our Cat's Rear In Our Face

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My wife and I have two 5 month old kittens, Leo and Courage. They are brothers from the same litter and as near as we can tell are American Wirehairs that are white with orange patches (or would that be orange with white patches? ).
Here's our question:
Both of us have had cats and dogs live with us before. I understand that in many cases dogs will great each other with a smelling of each other's rear ends. I've seen cats do this too. However, Courage, when he decides to take a nap upon my chest after I've given both him and his brother their dinner, takes great delight in placing his rear end in my face several times, all the while purring. Normally I push his tush out of my face and tell him that, Yes, I know who he is.
Is there any reason for his behavior?

Andy & Tracey
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Awwww, he loves and trusts you!! All my cats do this to me too. In addition to the touching noses to show friendship, cats will let other cat friends sniff their bum. So when he's sticking his bum in your face, he's saying that you're his friend and you're allowed that privilege.
I know, icky but flattering at the same time!

Another reason is also that young kittens usually get licked clean in that area by the cat mommy after eating, to stimulate bowel movements.

EDIT: These are only my theories, and not based on fact, just what I've noticed and read.
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MIne butts his butt up against me when it's snuggle time too. And I sensed it was a trust thing.
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It is a greeting, and although most believe it is rude, it is really a form of flattery from your cat. Cat's have scent pads, near their tail section and so they sniff each other's tail section to identify each other, and they in turn present their tail section to other cats as a form of greeting.
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We really appriciate the replies. I thought it was something like that, and while I'm very flattered that Courage likes me, I'm afraid I'm not going to be greeting to many people like that!
Andy & Tracey
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A kitty at the shelter from which we adopted our cat used to do this to me all the time. Gwen is a sweet calico, very friendly and loving. And every chance she'd get, her butt would be in my face.

Next time your cat does this, here's what you do. Apparently it makes them very very happy and proud. Put your face next to the cat's side and inhale deep, and as noisily as you can, through your nose. Make as big a production out of it as you can. Rumor has it that this is the appropriate response.
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You can even turn your head away and make the sniffy noises. Mine seem to be happy with that.
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cool! I'm going to try the sniffing thing and see what Buffy's response is. It doesn't surprise me that she does it to me, since I'm sort of a mother to her, but now I have the unpleasant sensation of knowing that Willow hates me... Willow is distrustful of all humans, but its nice to see her comforting herself in your presence... oh well, it'll happen eventually
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LOL, I thought that Miikka was doing this just to spite me. Whenever we settle down for a nap I end up with a rear in my face, and 50% of the time when I wake up her rear is there again.
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Rosie will jump on my lap, kiss my face as well as sniff it, followed by a head butt, where she gets little kisses from me, then carries on walking then gives a slight turn to put her bottom in my face, it's then i hold my breath until she turns around to walk back and do the same again!

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My cats do the same thing. I do not know how many times I have woken up to find there rear snuggled against my face. That's just part of living with cats, you have to learn their "love"signs.
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That was some good information about the cats .Newman does this to my husband he hates it. I laugh... I tell him its just love honey bunny.. Hes coming around to The cat way of living..lol
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