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Bengal Kitties

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I'm looking into adding a Bengal Kitten to my family some time next year. Although my other half would get me one in a shot I am determined to save up myself but cannot find out approx how much I will need to save. I am in the UK and just need a ball park figure to start working towards.

Does anyone have a rough idea? I will be looking for a pet quality kitty male or female and have no preference in colour.

Also does anyone know of any reputable breeders in the UK, I did an google search and found Tuhina Bengals, any others would be appreciated.

I have so many questions my head is spinning I guess I'll have to start writing them down!!
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Step one, get in contact with a Bengal association:
Click Me!

Or Me!!

or others. They can put you in contact with a breeder and help answer any questions you have.

Or contact the GCCF and request a list of registered bengal breeders.
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I also was loocking in to Bengal Cats . They start from $500 dollars and up , depending what you want . They also have some silver and black Bengals , very nice .I am talking now usa here and have no clue what one would cost you in the UK . Some breeders also ship , but most wont . Good luck finding the right breeder for you .
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I found a few

Kittens coming at the end of this month and in April. They don't really say what their price is, but they say "reasonable" so I guess whatever the UK standard is.

They have a really nice looking site and nice looking cats too. They appear to sell foundation kittens as well. Lots to choose from.

I think they specialize in snow bengals. If that's what you're looking for they have a few ready to go as well as some browns.

This one I guess you already found. They have kittens coming in April. Says from 350 pounds +
(Also some adults, one £50, one pretty two year old snow girl for FREE)

Bengals come in
brown spotted
mink snow (aqua eyes)
seal sepia snow
seal lynx snow (blue eyes)

and the less common
melanistic (black)
I've heard of foundations refered to as "charcoal"
All come in spotted and marbled.

Any other questions?
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Good luck finding a bengal. I would get in touch with the bengal breeder you found and then ask them if there are any bengal breeders local to you.
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Thanks!!!! I will definately check them all out asap!
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i have just got my first bengal kitten.
there are lots of reputable breeders on the pedigree kitten list.
just put a search in google for pedigree kittens.
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Thanks, I have found my number 1 choice of breeder and am patiently waiting for the Autumn litter. I cannot wait
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I was just going to post to people i know on another site to ask them when i saw you had found one!.

Woo hoo Rhians getting a new fur baby!!!

Don't forget to give us the countdown
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Originally Posted by jeeperscat
Thanks, I have found my number 1 choice of breeder and am patiently waiting for the Autumn litter. I cannot wait
Heaven help you. I love my Bengal boy with a passion, but he is a hand full.
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bengals are great i have two of my own im in the us but not sure how much they would cost you there i have seen them go for pet as low as 250 and as much as 700 i know of a couple breeders here that will ship if you cant find anything there
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