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More shoes!

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I bought these, last Sunday. They are of peau de soie and were only $12.95. I CANNOT resist a bargain, on purple shoes!
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I love them!
What a bargain, too!
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I got new shoes the other day. I bought then for the David Bowie concert in May. I think you and I have a serious shoe fetish! LOL!
So how many do you have? I own 30 pairs now! LOL!
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Barb, you're a piker: I estimate that I have at least 50 pairs of boots and shoes. My ex used to refer to me as "Imelda".
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They are great Cindy!! Congrats.
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Shoe addicts unite! I can't pass up a good sale on shoes either .... wait there doesn't have to be a sale, I just can't pass up a good pair of shoes
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I have.......3 pairs of shoes that I wear...
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One pair of clogs. One pair of sandals. That's it. I love shoes; I used to have a zillion pairs too. My feet don't like 'em anymore. Oh well. Gettin' old.
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There lovely!. I have a cream and black pair similar, but without the ankle strap.

I've got about 16 pairs of shoes in total.

A girl i work with has over 50 pairs. She's the directors daughter so she does'nt do cheap like most people!. Her most expensive pair were a pair she bought in october, "Gina", £255!! ($500). I could get a full outfit with shoes and accessories for that!!!!.

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I shop sales and outlet stores. The most, that I've ever paid, for any footwear, was $157.00, for a pair of elkhide boots. Some day, I will make a pilgrimage to the Tony Lama Outlet, in El Paso. (That's the ONLY reason to go to El Paso.)

Tucson has a Saks' Off 5th Ave Outlet but, they're WAY too pricey. Even their closeout prices are ridiculous.
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They are truly lovely. I dare not count my shoes. I just know I have at least 4 pairs that I have not worn and probably never will wear - I just had to have them. Sad or what
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I'm carrying on a family tradition. My grandmother was 5' 1/4" tall and wore the highest heels, that she could find. Three years, before she died, Granny broke her hip and was forced into low heels.

Mom is a shoe lover but, since her stroke, has to wear more "sensible" shoes. Therefore, it is up to me, to continue the tradition.

Samantha is not into shoes and clothes but, I am going to make sure that the twins are aware of the finer things, in life. To that end, I bought them gorgeous red shoes, for Christmas and I have pretty flowered sandals, for their birthday. Naturally, as children, they will spend most of their time, in sneakers but they have to dress up, for church and Grandma will see that they are well-shod.
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Cindy, what's a piker??
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That was a great deal for some sexy heels. There's this one shoe store I go to in the mall, and they always have it to where you buy one pair and you get the second pair at half price. Their prices are reasonable too. Ranging from $12.99 to $25.99 I just love that store! Haha!
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Originally posted by jugen
Cindy, what's a piker??
A "piker" can be defined as a novice or a wannabe. Face it, I am TCS's Shoe Queen! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
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