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Nervous & excited about starting, new to forums

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Wow, I'm not real experienced with computers or chat rooms, but here we go. I'm glad to be here and look forward to talking with all of you. Alittle about myself, I now have seven cats and two dogs. My latest rescue found us when we were in Delaware. I knew we were mean't to be together the moment I saw him. He was a lost and hungry young man, with a huge head and huge paws and nothing in between. He is a long haired orange cat that shined in the sunlight the day he found us. I have been calling him Sunshine ever since. At first we called him Sunny for short, but we have since found that he is Sonny.
We have rescued four of our cats. Two are kids of the first rescued cat who we found was pregnant at the time she found us. We kept two of the kittens that wouldn't let us go. And then there is the King of the house, Tiger. We purchased him from a local pet store in 1995. My son who was 8 at the time picked him up and never put him back down. He truely is the King of the house. Anna was our next, and her kittens Pokey & Bear. Were not sure how old Anna is but her kittens are almost 7 years old now. Then came Cali & Ali. They were found under a storage shed at a lumber yard near where I worked at the time. They first found Skeezer & Ali (Skeezer was adopeted by my boss at the time), then the next day at the business next to the lumber yard in a storage trailer the found Cali. I was called because everyone in the area knew of my love for cats. The kittens were very young and we could not locate a mother cat. When Cali was found she had a very bad eye infection, which made her look like she had lost her eye and she could walk or barely move from lack of nutrition. Well it didn't take long until we had them all as good as new. Now Cali & Ali are a year and a half, happy & healthy. Skeezer is doing well also, although I don't work at that job any more. I don't get to see him any longer. Well, I hope to talk with some of you real soon.I'll try and figure this all out as quick as I can.
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Welcome to TCS! Hello also to Sonny, Tiger, Anna, Pokey, Bear, Cali and Ali!
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welcome to you all
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Welcome. You'll find a lot of good information as well as good people.

In a short time, you'll find this website is pretty easy to navigate.

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Hello to you and all your babies!.
Don't be nervous, were all a friendly bunch here. Show us some pictures of your babies a.s.a.p.(Especially sleeping ones, there my favourites!)

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Welcome to the site! You're an for helping these kitties and providing such a loving home to all of them.

I look forward to getting to know you and your kitties on the board! Feel free to ask any questions you may have. It's pretty easy to find your way around once you get the hang of it.
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Thank you all for the warm welcome. I did some chores and returned to see all of you had sent me a warm welcome. I'd love to hear some of your cat stories. I've been alittle down and haven't really had anyone to talk to, so I thought I'd try a chat room. You all were so nice to respond so quickly.
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Hi Dusty,

If you browse the different forums you will find lots of stories. This board is not a chat room, it is a bulletin board, and there may be a lapse in replies, but you should always get an answer eventually. But it isn't like a chat room where you get instant gratification. Sorry your life isn't going well right now- but things will get better.
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Thank you Hissy for the info, I didn't know that. But I'll check on the other sites for the stories. I hope you have a great day and thank you again for the info.
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Welcome to TCS.

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To TCS and it is nice meeting you
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Welcome to TCS to all of you.
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Welcome Dusty! How lucky those kitties are to have such a great family for them to be a part of. How wonderful you are!

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Welcome to you and all of your babies! I'm also new to the forum, and I absolutely love being here! It's so wonderful to be part of a community whose world revolves around the babies they love and adore just like mine does!
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Welcome to you and your furkids. This is a pretty neat place to be, and pretty easy to get around. Explore. You can't break anything by trying it out and next thing you know, you'll be an expert.

Oh, and did somebody say "pictures"?? We like pics -- lotsa pics!
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Welcome to the boards! Feel free to join in on the discussions and share some pictures. and here's a (((hug))) hope you feel better soon!
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