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Speaking of Janet Jackson

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What was one of the best concerts you ever attended? I would have to say it was Emerson Lake and Palmer in 1975 at the Palledium. Opening for them was Tower of Power- WOW!
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I saw Tower of Power here at the Gorge ampitheatre a few years back, they played with Jeff Lorber (sp) it was a great concert, and I loved the outdoor venue with all the trees and vineyards!

I'd have to say the most elaborate concert I've been to was Alice Coopers Welcome to my Nightmare...waaaaaay back when! (pass my cane)

The best music wise though would have to be Matchbox 20...just because I love them!

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Cleo, I Matchbox 20!!! I've seen them 3 times. They get better everytime.

my top 3 concerts-

1. Matchbox 20
2. Janet Jackson
3. The Corrs
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I don't see many concerts, but my husband and I went to a great one a few years ago (actually about 7 or 8). It was Billy Joel and Elton John. It was unbelievable!
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I second the vote for Billy Joel and Elton John. They toured in '94. Also, AC/DC puts on a hell of a show.

Other great concerts I've been to include:
Fleetwood Mac
Billy Joel (solo)
Pat Benetar
... to name a few
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and you're living vicariously through ME?!?!?
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These concerts have been over the course of the past 8 years, not the past 8 weeks, as is the custom for you.
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What a great question! Did anyone see Janet Jackson
on here, if so, I missed their post. Was she good
in concert? I like a wide variety of music anywhere
from country to rock. I went to:

Gosh, I haven't been to any recently . . .
now I am on a mission - I need to go to some concerts!

I want to go see:
Everything (they sing "you got the hooch").
Dave Matthews
STAIND (they sing "Been Awhile")

and I must be workin' too hard as I can't remember the names
to more groups right now! I need a break - thank goodness I have
a persian to get me through this time in my life -- tee-hee!
I have been working too hard and tending to toddler
and persian!

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But here are some of my favorite concerts

Moody Blues
Led Zepplin
Dreams (Anyone know them?)
John Denver

Not on the concert side, I would have to say Gallagher gives the best show in town...don't forget to wear your raincoats...
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Hissy!!! I would have killed to see Led Zepplin in concert!!! I'll bet that was awesome!!
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Airprincess saw Janet. That's how the whole thing (and a few other things) came up.
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I have not been to many concerts, here is my list:

New Kids on the Block at the Astrodome(please don't give me flack about this, I was 12 and it was my first concert)
Clint Black at the Rodeo (He's okay but it was a family thing and I had to go)
Reba McEntire (We were at Astro World and figured what the heck)
Clay Walker (I really like Clay Walker)
LeAnne Rhymes (Had free tickets)

It would seem by my list that country music is my favorite but it's not. Jewel was the BEST. She was so awesome!!!!
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