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A present for Rosie

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My little girl Rosie is two years old next thursday.
Does anyone have any ideas on what i could get her?.

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How about a pretty new collar with some "jewelry" added (maybe like a charm with her initial or something).


A new soft and smooshy bed for her to lounge in.

and you definatly have to give her a treat at dinner time; maybe a little chicken or something to make dinner special.

Happy Birthday Rosie,

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I would get her one of Princess Purr's (Val) beautiful collars... Rosie will thank you for it later.
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Just what can you get for the cat who has it all???

Toys are always good, treats, a very special wet food dinner, catnip. If you are looking for something more extravagent, a kitty tree, a new scratching post or scratcher (depending on what she likes, of course), kitty TV (i.e. a fish tank), there are also kitty videos of birds and squirrels that she may enjoy watching, a window seat, a new bed (that she probably won't use, but it's worth a shot!)...

Can you tell I've given a lot of thought to gifts for the kitties?
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I second kitty TV as a bril present - keep her amused for hours when she hasnt got your feet to play with
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for Neko's b-day we got him a new bed, a can of wet food (his favorite), some furry mice, and a ball with bells inside! Have fun deciding!
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i always buy things for my kids so during their birthdays, i dun get toys or anything.. just prepare something that they like to eat but never got much of chance to cos of their diet..
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Heidi-I've thought about getting her a fish tank for a while, so you've made my mind up, one fish tank for Rosie!, and i've just ordered her favourite dried fish treats from London so they should be here by wednesday.

Sandra- I am going to check on Vals website for the collars.

Karen- Rosie is very fussy on what she eats!. She turns her nose up at fresh fish, fresh prawns, chicken!. Honestly some humans would kill for those never mind a cat!. What i can't understand is, she will jump all over you for the dried fish treats i get her?!. But she does like beef, so i'll get her a small piece of steak to chop up for her!.

I know she won't sleep on a new bed, because she has the same blanket from when i got her at 6 weeks, i call it her comfort blanket because she still kneeds at it now and again. If i wash it i have to drape it over or around me for a while to get my scent on, because she wont go on it because of the smell of fabric conditioner!!.

The things we have to do for our babies!.

Thanks everyone for your help, is she a lucky little girl or what!.

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Glad you made your mind up on Rosie's gifts. Small thought...I have a fish tank (with a lid as Tulip is totally fascinated with it). When I just had a large round one no-one took any notice at all except for Dirt. He totally ignored the fish and just drank the water round them!
Lucky Rosie
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Rosie is one lucky kitty!!! I wish someone would spoil me that much on my birthday! LOL
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LOL Heidi!

Wow what a lucky girl Rosie is!
Happy Birthday to her!
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