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TCS Community Awards Announcement

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TheCatSite.com Community Awards

Most of us have been hanging around here for a very long time, posting in the forums, and gaining knowledge and friendships along the way. It has been gratifying to see the growth not only in the numbers of members who come here, but in the learning that is found here. People who stopped here initially because they weren't exactly sure how to handle a cat problem months ago, are now many among the members who now offer their help and support to others based on what they have been exposed to here.

So to honor those who give so much and get so little in return- TheCatSite.com is proud to announce our First TCS Community Awards.

Nominations to commence: November 1-10th 2004

Voting will be the week of the 13th

The winners will be announced right before Christmas.

Here are the rules, and then following will be the categories:


You cannot nominate any full-time moderator or admin- that means the following members are not eligible for any award except for one: The Community Focus Award (see below)

Airprincess- Anne-Deb25- Debby- hissy- Imagyne- LDG-lotsocats- Sandie- valanhb-

This rule DOES NOT apply to any guest mods past or present!

You can only nominate one member for one category only and you have to give tangible reasons why this person should be considered. Links to posts would make your argument the most plausible.

Nominations will be done in PMs or emails only to any moderator or administrator.

No announcements on the boards about who you think would be best for what category will be allowed.

If you post about who you nominated, your post will be deleted and the person that you nominated will lose the chance in that category until someone else nominates them.

Be prepared when you nominate someone and have their board name, and category you wish to nominate them for all included. One person cannot win in more than one category that keeps it fair and doesn't create a monopoly of this contest.

Please don't campaign for this person. If the nomination is done fairly, then the person's performance on the board will speak for itself during voting time when the board gets to vote for the person they feel best fits for the award. You cannot nominate yourself for an award either, no matter how much you think you deserve it!

And now here are the categories:

Most Improved Member- This award applies to the person you believe who has grown the most since arriving at TCS. Someone who was green behind the gills when it came to the subject of cats and cat care, and is now someone who you always search for their posts first to see what else they have learned and what they have to offer.

Caped Crusader- This award applies to the person who has taken the cause of cats to heart and has done various tasks in their corner of the world to make life better for cats and or cat owners.

The Welcoming Purrson- This would be someone who goes out of the way to make new members feel right at home, answering questions and giving guidance to those who need it.

Mentor of the Year- This would be the person you believe whose advice and assistance is invaluable to the community as a whole. This person cannot be admin or moderator (does not include guest mods though)

Funniest Purrson- This award will go to the person who keeps you in stitches and whose posts can always be counted on to bring a smile or two when they post.

Post and Run- This award will go to the person who doesn't post a whole lot, but when they do post, the posts are insightful and meaningful.

Best Debater- This award will go to the person who presents the best argument on issues, and backs them with documented proof instead of just saying they believe their opinion to be right.

Best Thread- This award will go to the person who started the best thread of 2004. Please provide the link to the thread and put forward your best argument as to why you believe this thread is the best- (no spam threads will be considered).

Funniest Thread- This award will go to the person who started the funniest thread of 2004.

Picture Queen- This award will go to the person you know even before you open their posts that their photos of their cat will knock your socks off!

Community Focus Award- This award will go to the member who consistently posts interesting and thought-provoking threads. The person who after you read what they posted you have to sit back and quietly digest it and realize that this person has it going on.
This award is open to all members, mods and admin included.

Diplomat of Diplomacy- This is the member who douses the flames before they become fires and who tries to restore order, even though they are not on the Mod Squad.

Behind the Scenes Advisor- This award will go to the person who has helped members away from the spotlight of the board, with supportive PMs or emails or even just sending someone who is down and out something to cheer them up.

Captain of Captions: - This award would go to the person who you believe consistently comes up with the best captions this year. The captions that make you just LOL or ROTFL!

Bridge Angel- This award will be presented to the person who goes above and beyond to offer comfort for those who have lost a pet, either recently or long ago.

Ok that's it, and what does the winner get for this? They get bragging rights along with a unique badge they can display that will be made by talented graphic artists. So start thinking about who you wish to nominate. Now remember this contest will not start in earnest until the end of the year, so just keep your eyes open and your pencil ready to jot down who you think deserves to be in these categories----

Happy Posting!
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WOW what a great idea! <<applause>>
I know this is too early to ask questions, but since first days of December is vacation time for me, would it be possible to give the nominations like a week before December 1?
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Oh we are flexible- We could probably bump up the nominations a bit- Changed it to November- better?
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Oh boy, this sounds like fun!

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that sounds exciting!!
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Love the idea!

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Sounds like fun!!!!
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what a great idea
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I can't wait! And neither can Neko!
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Totally rad idea!!

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Getting PM's about this, so thought I might just offer a suggestion. Copy and print out the portion of this post that explains the different awards and other information. Stick it near your computer, and as the mood hits you and the year goes, just pencil in the member you believe fits the award the best. When nominations come around, you have everything right there and you can then PM the mod of your choice and send in your names. That seems to be the simplest way I could come up with-
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I think this is a marvelous idea, like the awards and I like the privacy aspect of this a great deal.
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That is a great idea!
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Very cool!!
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I love this idea!!!
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I like this idea...sounds like fun!
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That sounds like a great way to boost someone's confidence!
Cool idea!
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Sounds COOL!! I already can think of a few people for certain awards! Can't wait to make the nominations!!
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what a great idea, the best of luck to everyone on the forums!
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Very nice!
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Just bumping this again!

I think Hissy's suggestion of penciling in a persons name as it occurs to you is a great idea!

I can't wait to start to see everyone's nominations come pouring into all of us mods inboxes!!!!!! Happy Nominating!!!!!!!!!!!!
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LOL We will need to keep our PM boxes pretty clean about November I think-
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I think this is a very splendid and cute idea! Thanks!
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That's a fantastic idea.

Oh and BUMP!
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New award category added- (thank you Heidi for an excellent suggestion!)
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and off to bed!
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Great idea!!!
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