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Cats and Hamsters

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Alright, I have a cat, which was once a stray, but we got him off a couple that took him in. When we got him, he was approx. 6 months. Now, he's probably 1 year old. Anyways, we have a few hamsters, that we had before the cat.

He likes to play with them, when we aren't looking, and likes to "free" them from their cages. He even sleeps in the cages when he pries them open. He nevers hurts them, but we would like to discourage him from this type of behavior. What are some effective methods we can use?

Keep in mind that we have tried "kittyproofing" the cages(w/o trying to make it look junky), but he always seems to get around it.
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Well I raised guinea pigs and cats for awhile- not on purpose, but I rescued 6 abused piggies. My one cat Franklin used to crawl into the cage with them, and just watch them intently. I finally took a thin strip of wire, and tied the cage shut. They would have supervised playtime, but I was afraid that one day his fascination might turn into his prey drive and he might sample some piggie pie.
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Buy a wire cage with all the activities enclosed (tubes, wheels, etc) within the cage and use bread ties to keep the doors closed.I have seen these cages at all the pet stores I have been in, they are the two story wire cages priced at about $75. Unfortunately, I was given this advice too late as Sam, who also loved the hamster (a bit too much) freed him one night by knocking the tube off the cage. Hercules (the hamster) didnt make it through the next day.

My aunt has hamsters and the cats will "catch" them by holding onto them with their paws and meowing for someone to come get it. Her oldest cat will carry them in her mouth to my aunt or one of my cousins to put back in their cages.
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Good Ideas. Thanks abunch. I don't want to yell and scream at the cat, because #1 he can't understand me and would ignore me and #2 I don't want to get into the whole ordeal of having to watch him 24/7. Sure, he's very mischevious, but that's what cats do best, and he doesn't hurt the hamsters, so I guess it could be worse.
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Originally posted by Abby7625
Buy a wire cage with all the activities enclosed (tubes, wheels, etc) within the cage and use bread ties to keep the doors closed.
FYI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wire cages are bad for hamsters!!! I have been told many people and learned the hard way that since hamsters chew constently that they are bound to chew the wire on the cage which anyone whose had hamsters know that they will not matter what. But anyway!! the Wire is bad for them!! they ended up eating slivers of the metal and end up dying I lost 3 hamsters because or it. it never dawned on me that these perfectly healthy little guys were dieing because they were living in a wire cage. and said to but I did experiment to see if it were the truth. Needless to say I bought a plastic cage and 2 Hamsters. One was kept in the plastic cage and the other in the wire cage. both from the same cage at Petco. The one in the wire cage lived only a couple months and the one in the Plastic Cage is still to this day living a happy and healthy life!! So please don't do the wire cage!!

Edited: I would suggest you keep the hamster in an Aqurium with a Screen lid. That is much better for the little guy and It should keep the kitty from letting him out!!! Just make sure that you provide him with lots of wood chewies!!!!
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